Saturday, October 15, 2011

You’ve Mastered the Runway Now Master The Screens-

You’ve mastered the runway

Had dozens of private soirees outbidding each other

You’ve gotten crowds to their feet and

Nightclub audiences applauding in rock star crescendos!


You've invented the “Pop Up”shop

Turning Bars into runways

tabletops into  sales counters

Sidewalks into fashion lounges

Restaurants into galleries

And  gardens into Boutiques


All that before the Social media craze

Now you tweet Tumbl and blog,

Send, like, plus and share

Your way to Klout and Influence


You’ve mastered exhibiting and aced “vending ‘ 101”

You pay for space

Bought or rented tents and displays

Arranged for Travel and accommodation

Produced Stock

Sent out emails (last minute but, still you manage to send them out!)

You even have a yearly production calendar

And you sell at each event! Sometimes a couple of thousands in a night

Who cares that at the end of the year your barely break even

You are a fixture on the Creative Circuit

Magazines, cover you and ask for quotes!


Yes, you’ve mastered the Runway and it's kept you in the Red!

Now it's time to Master the Screens and look towards the Black!


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Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival 


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