Saturday, December 10, 2005

Michi And Mooshood Shows Dec 11th

Michi- holiday bazaar @ cynergy
please join us for a holiday bazaar @ cynergy spa
87 fort greene place
brooklyn, ny
on sunday, december 11th from 12 -8pm
for further info contact michi: 718 465 2336

Moshood- Sunday Dec 11th 5pm MOSHOOD - 698 FULTON ST - BROOKLYN - NY - 718-243-9433

Friday, December 09, 2005

Second generation- legacy project

Actally this next phase was inspired by other A-liners, who wanted the optimize the natural affinity of their kids for this new technology, and their creativity! He did all that was involved, Actually ghe came to me and asked for permission to do this after I guided him. he is currently working on his marketing( "cards to tell the other kids where to send there parents")

'To Be Fly is more than “Dressing Good”! Fly-Boyz 2™- for ladies, while Fly-Boyz™ for the guys; stay on top of their game. They do their best; always one step above the ordinary, good grades Respectful, Independent- not a follower, Determined, complete task see things through, Confident. The artwork, label and concept designed by Yohane Sandy will be printed on Tops, Jeans, hats, T-shirt and related apparel, posters, drink-ware, gift wraps and other merchandise."

So to the adults lets get it together, it is so simple even a child can do it1
Who's behind A-liners

Feeding Fashion

Roughly 19 designeres have , Now been "Gifted" with the web presence! They are getting acquainted with this relatively simple tool. Full launch is March 2005

desiners wishing to participate contact the a-liners

amaliners at g mail dot com

Who's behind A-liners

Posting Your Fashion Sales and Events

A-liners is about marketing, exploring new media; We've been giving designers feed. Now we are encouraging designers to sign up to our group. we are making sure that by April the all designers aere ready

Who's behind A-liners

The shirt that goes the distance

Takiyah Jerome's Gold Poly Silk Skirt is the best style option for the holiday, or gift giving. Elasticized waist, sensual fluid movement, sized to fit most, complements most figure types, Great Styling Options. This skirt doubles as a holiday dress.

Thee focud of this week fashion segment in Brooklyn Free Press- excerp from article!
It is her second show in two day, it is not her first for the season nor will it be the last for the year. The House of Brown introduces Takiyah Jerome, announced "Poetica" as she led the sista's onto the boutique turned showroom, floor. On Friday she as part of the line up 2 the inaugural First Friday showcase at Five Spot's. This summer she was on the Urban Fashion Festival. In April she participated In The A-liners "Jazz of Fashion" segment of the Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival. Brooklyn Style is evolving and Takiyah Jerome epitomizes that change. Recently awarded the Maria Padilla award for a successful start up business, from the LDCENY- Local Business development of East New York Takiyah Jerome's trendsetting contemporary line of women's clothes, are innovative, sexy, upbeat and most of all comfortable. The clothing themselves are extremely well constructed. Takiyah desighs for both "regular" anfd "plus sizes" her styling howevr defies definition, Not quite urban, Though It Fits there comfortably; not quite Couture while well made, her price points are affordable. She also proces one of a kind pieces and limited edition accessories. Her goal is to expand her line to boutiques throughout the country and eventually have her stand alone stores. She is well on her way! Takiyah Jerometrendsetting contemporary line of women's clothes, that are innovative, sexy%

Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Fashion Fridays

Takiyah Jerome

Michi Designer Knitwear

Bonnie Sandy Sterling

Aisha, Hwowane and Angela a new generation of Brooklyn fashion producers recently launched First Fashion Friday's, an outlet for fashion designers new or old to show case their work in Brooklyn. They want first fashion Fridays @ the Five Spot to be a place were all the fashion savvy people come out for good food fashion and music. They are especially anxious I also want people to become a platform for fashion inspiration! Brooklyn Designers and Entertainers are closely linked and first Fridays promises to be a venue for Both. Themselves designers they are part of a growing trend insisting on choosing Brooklyn as their base, investing intheir community, coming together with other designers and demanding that attention be paid to fashion's contribution to Brooklyn's trade and tourism. See show
more info on First Fashion Fridays here
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Marketing Brooklyn Fashion

Marketing solutions
Make a final push for KWANZAA/ NEW YEAR 2006 - Brooklyn Free Press is offering A-lines special Advertising rates Forthe fashion Segment e-mail atogun at g mail dot com or leave a comment 1

"Da Reel BSs" Atoguna Marketing, A-liners, And Brooklyn Free press, are seeking Brooklyn artist, Crafts-persons and performers to feature in "Da Reel BSs" simply e-mail us a short passage telling us why you should be highlighted! atoguna at gmail dot com

Calling all fashion designer A-liners want your events… 3 weeks in advance! I am constantly getting calls about upcoming events from fashion enthusiast, We want to expand the collective reach of independent designers’ marketing impact! Info will be posted online, group portals press. Please e-mail your events for Dec, January, Feb. and March1 Contact us amaliners at g mail dot com then Who's behind A-liners

Join the A-liners

Brooklyn Fashion Segment!
Since last April, the A-liners has expended to a total of sixty odd lines, designers and collectives. A-liners focuses on designers, their lines and boutiques that carry them, and the people who enjoy them aw well as Independent trends, shows and showcases. Membership is free and open to all existing independent designers. However we are centered i the Brooklyn, New York Community!
Our 2006 calendar is expanding. we are particularly seeking; To develop the African american Designer story , stories on Dressmakers and seamstresses who were designers 1950's, Caribbean American Designers, Urdan Fashion designer, and MAen's wear Lines!
Next year holds a lot Of promise. I have developed a fashion segment for Brooklyn Free Press.
A-liners"' however use new medi to give us an edge which means ALL A-LINERS, need to understand how to take get their latest news, to the consumer, who is Searching for it! Join now, Fill out this form we offer solutions that work!

Saturday New Media Workshops

We now have 19 designers with syndicated feeds. Those who were unable to attend weekday sessions for the new media workshop, we are having one final Saturday workshop by secial request! Simply post a comment. ALL COMENTS ARE private ! We will contact you asap! Next February we will laucnh our independent designers portal! Bringing the latest fashion, news, updates, events, FROM DESIGNERS THEMSELVES! Designers leave your info in comment box! Webmasters wishing access to our full media feeds photo, video, sound Contact us via the ccomment box!

Independent Fashion designers Stae if the industry survey

We use the term Brooklyn Fashjion industry. But independent designers are isolated. what exactly is going on among us , what are your colleagues up too. Please take the survey and pass it on.!

Preparation is on for next years Program

We are asking all Independent designers to take time to Fill out this needs survey!

Click here to take a survey

We have An interesting Web session on African desugn Around the world . You'll need to access skype as well as jyve! so Sign on!

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