Tuesday, February 14, 2006

IT's time to take care of Business

Technology for clothiers!

I recently came across This interesting software while searching for a link to English Cut!

Tailor cut software for palm os

Tailor Cut v 1.0 FREEWARE Requirements: Palm OS® 3.5 or higher

This program is specially designed for custom tailor / fashion designer or anyone who going to make/design their own clothing/dress/shirt as a hobby. Tailor Log will keep track all the body measurements for your client or family members.

it may help some of you!

Tailor, dressmaker, designer, stylist,

What Are You?!

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I recently was reminded of English cut when I met the gentleman who had introduced the blogging culture to the bespoke tailor in question @ BarCamp. An excellent example of use of blogs in business! I encourage all designers to peruse it!So How do you define yourself! How do you expect others to define you! There is a huge amount of talent among out there! I recently attended Plitzs Fashion Week presentation and I APPLAUd them! Look For post and video coming soon. But I was alarmed At the loud behavior from some attendees. A Fashion designers' FAshion week Presentation is for all intent and purposes abusiness presentation! And These professional would not have conducted themselves in such a maner @ their professional showcase! But many of us have ceased being in the business of the design and sale of clothing. We Are solely stage performers with an established circuit! And lest you think I disapprove, I believe that circuit is vital , but again What Are You! Where is the Money at! Before you answer check out this site!

Then answer this designer survey Let's get a handle on our industry!

Examine the various levels of detail and pricing involved in

Check out bespoke

"Bespoke is a usually British English term for clothing made at a customer's behest, and exactly to the customer's specification. Bespoke clothing is created without use of a pre-existing pattern; rather, the tailor makes the pattern based on the customer's body. This separates bespoke from "made to measure" clothing, which is made using a base pattern that is modified to the customer's body.

"Ready to wear" clothing is made to a uniform pattern, without variation.

"Bespoke" refers to the act of "speaking" for the cloth, choosing it to be made into a garment.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

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Now you can get the latest news from your favourite designers direct to your mailbox!

As we enter another year we now have the designers directly taking charge of their info. Each A-liner will be blogging their own content! We will post the subscription info as the become available! The A-liners blog will in it self then concentrate on the independent design industry as such!
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Distintive Darlings by P.J.

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BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY'S WINDOW In the spring of 2001 L...
In the spring of 2001 Lisa R. Green decided that it was time stop working for other people and put thing she knew how to do best “express herself creatively” to work for her. From that burning need and desire to be creative and independent Bohemian Rhapsody was born.
Inspired by all around goodness, Bohemian Rhapsody carries an array of unique products for the body, wardrobe, and home. We also provide image-consulting services to the individual who needs a little pick me up; to television, film and print ads.
All of our products are made with you the consumer in mind. Our goal is to allow you to “Express U’r Self Creatively” while you “Experience the Wonderful World of a Bohemian’s Rhapsody”.
So, pamper the one you love this Valentine's Day with Bohemian Rhapsody's wonderful products. Satisfy their love of sugar with our "Got a Sweet Tooth" basket. They'll love you and their manicurist after using the products from our "Love that Mani-Pedi" basket, and soothe the tensions and ease the fears of a mom-to-be with our "Maternal Glow" basket.

Come and see our window display during the month of February at Distinctive Darlings by P.J. located at 501 Franklin Ave and purchase a basket between Feb 1st & 10th and receive 5% off your Bohemian Rhapsody Basket purchase.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

T o Blog Or Not To Blog

I am by no means a conventional blogger! life seems to get in the way of blogging. Which is why I decided to To take January to get the proverbial house in order! To say that the A-liners was sucessful would be an understatement. This month will introduce you to those that participated last year as well as launch or new phase!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Mark your calendars!
You don't want to miss first Friday fashion @ the five spot, Brooklyn newest and hottest event!
Enjoy a fashion show of underground designers from the Metro area, live DJ and food
459 Myrtle ave, bet Clinton and Washington ave Brooklyn NY 11205 718-852-0202
Every 1st Friday of the Month underground designers, funky soul music and good food
all in one place!
Hosted by Aisha Angela and Hwowane
For more info contact Hwowane @ 917-407-4443/ Aiha @ 917-302-1052
FAshion 4 ward @ Amarachi's
325 Franklin ave
Brooklyn Ny

Bohemian Rhapsody @ Distinctive Darlings by PJ

Pamper the one you love this Valentine's Day with Bohemian Rhapsody's wonderful products. Satisfy their love of sugar with our "Got a Sweet Tooth" basket. They'll love you and their manicurist after using the products from our "Love that Mani-Pedi" basket, and soothe the tentions and ease the fears of a mom-to-be with our " Maternal Glow" basket.

Purchase a basket between Feb 1st & 7th and receive 5% off your Bohemian Rhapsody Basket purchase at Distinctive Darlings by PJ, located at 501 Franklin Avenue, between Fulton and Hancock street.
718 857-4824.

Alkebu-lan's Black History Month sale

"In Celebration of Black History Month, All ALKEBU-LAN items are 50%

ALKEBULANGEAR.COM celebrates 'Black History Month' with a SALE for the
entire month of February.

Get ALKEBU-LAN while supplies last!

Visit http://www.alkebulangear.com/catalog to SAVE.

Natty Rebel "GRAFRICA" Art Exhibit

NATTY REBEL UNLIMITED emerged from the grass roots of graffiti tags and illustrated black books to an internationally know graphics company. Merging Fine Arts and the culture of Rastafari with an urban delivery, Natty Rebel Unlimited has made a serious statement both with it's silk-screen t-shirt printing and contracted murals. Although established in 1995 Natty Rebel Unlimited recieved it's most recognition in NYC 2001; selling t-shirts in Harlem while vending and painting mural in Brooklyn. Natty Rebel Unltd. quickly developed loyal clients who appreciated "the REBELS" work!