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We're offering Free Intro Sessions that Explore the Difference Between a Startup and a Small Business - Badasse Talks

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We're offering a free workshop. Http:// and enter our email! CHANGE... is not eas in  certain  communities... take the Launch page... many will not  enter their email... they have not seen it... It's so bad some people still use AOl as their bsuienss email... the difference between  a small busienss and a startup is the willingness to explore teh new and unchartered...

Is there a Start up in You- Free Intro Sessions Explores Difference Between a Startup and a Small Business

The NY Tech Meetup is a non-profit organization with over 24,000 members supporting the New York technology communit in a population estimated (2011)at 8,244,910 that is a mere dent. Yet that sector is thriving, of the more than 350 stratups on the Tech Made in NY about 85-90% is hiring!

There is a lot of talk about “Changing the Ratio ” and increasing the numbers of Minorities and women in the Startup scene!

But what exactly is the “Difference Between a Startup and A Small Business”… you can“Google it” and find a Myriad of thoughts… 
one post simplifies it!

Difference Between A Startup And A Small Business

“both are exactly the same, except how the owner thinks about their business. A small business owner is focused on doing it tough for a number of years and hoping they can make it as a business. However a startup thinks big, they dream of their application/product or service being used by millions around the world and funded by VC’s and that is how they direct their business. Small business owners think about doing things slowly and building their business over time.

For products to be “used by millions around the world’- technology makes that possible in so many ways…

so where is technology presently at or headed 
…. and what makes a startup “attractive and likely to be funded by VC’s”

It takes 50-58 Hrs to plan a new business…

  • Startups do it in as little as 3 days
  • Small businesses ma take 6 months to a year!


Image… represents all that a business will need to undertake- You can choose to go it alone. but  each business still has to  handle: all aspects-  ma do not!  

  • Operational Strateg development service 
  • Product development- one on one consulting and management
  • Business development- business incubator
  • development of revenue models
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Supply chain management
  • Business management and conservatorship
  • Statistical and Data Management! Capture & Resell Data!
  • Social Integration and Marketing!
  • Marketing and Distribution –  
  • Media/productDistribution Analysis
  • Branding
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Consumer support

Many  local businesses simply  do not

July 1st to 7th our Media Strategist Bonnie Sandy leads a select group on a self guided online series that will bring to light where current technology is at and how small businesses can leverage their experience, create startups that will not only “address needs in their niche but b adapting earl garner valuable market share!

Participant will need to set a side a minimum on 28 hrs ; July 1st to 7th 2012. This free version include with online support via web (Gmail account needed)

About Bonnie Sandy and Tibia Tech 

Bonnie Sandy is our media Strategist and also one of the  cofounders of Tibiae Tech; she  has for seven  years introducing  local busiensses to technolog! 

Tibiae Tech Solutions provides technology, funding , mentorship, incubation, marketing and distribution to enable experts in niche local micro sectors who answer the question “what would you do with technology if you could?” to access and develop technologies, focused on scalable next generation concepts!

Tibia Tech is in the business of change management addressing the glaring problem of lack of minority-owned businesses in today’s tech sector and the adoption of technology in today’s business culture. By proving space, pools of resources and making them accessible, we can jump-start these businesses.

Register for free intro session by July 3rd 2012 
Join Startup 2012 in September Group 
Contact Tibiae Tech 
Join Them on Facebook 
Follow them on twitter 
Read their Startupwatch… 
Support and tell a friend

change is tough but we need to start somewhere... sign up now

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project Pop-Up NYC Competition offers a chance at FREE retail space for September 2012 in NYC

 Indies can  "Pop Up" just about anywhere! Too bad the criteria may  keep some of the most creative out of the running! We've hosted pop ups at the Brookln Museum, Several  Parks, The Federal Plaza, Yatchs, Hotels, Lobbies, gardens, Basements,  backyards and back of trucks! Pop- Up  is the realm of the  independent  and are about the "EXPERIENCE". see details below... note September is NYFW, NY Market Week, Fashion Night Out, and  a host of other events 

 Pop Up Stores are best when created from NEED  and at the core are , grassroots concepts.

So while I  love the city's 2020 initiative it seems designed to exclude the very  people it should be helping! $25000 Man indies with experience in Pop-up,  report  about  $16000 a year!

 Winning New York City-based Fashion Retailers and Technology Companies Will Participate in a Rent Free, One-of-a-Kind Month-Long Pop-up Store in September

Just yesterday as I rode thru  downtown Brooklyn - Fulton mall, I passed by the site  that  was AlBSquare Mall, I  fondly rermembered "Continuum"  a "pop Up store we did circa 1998/9

Pop up Stores are Grassroots... 

The inherent nature of a Pop- Up store... 

First it was unused or underutilized space- in this case an empty  space below the escalators in the lower level of the mall Second it is  quickly  put  together... we had 2 weeks to  pull together  the designers the concept etc.  Hence "Pop up" .There is a unique feel or concept... in this case we pull all the  abandoned racks in the mall wrapped them in fabric to create "trees" used baskets.and boxes and created a garde ; the product  is unique and not  available elsewhere or at an other time....  we dealt exclusively with independent  designers- we did a great job, and even  sold swimwear that holiday season! You need a unique feature... which  we accidentallyl came across and at the same time solved a major truancy  problem at the  mall!  ou needed marketing... we excelled at this!  All on a budget of zero.. necessity made for creativity! At the end of the month  we had exceeeded expectations and the  "space"  became "hot spot" ... management had so many  offers!  So while i'm excited at the city's competition I wish the creatives were able to  compete. NYC Fashion needs fresh blood and ideas ad creative independents need  help! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Create a Private Label with ModCloth and Get Featured in Teen Vogue | FMM

#Olympics @NBCOlympics #SocialTV done wrong- missing the opportunity to gain market share

What will our sector look like in 2015… How is the way we traditionally do things changing ad affecting user habits… how does that reflect in our business model!
Some executive saw it as an opportunity to increase their cable numbers rather than to Look at the bigger picture…
How ma of us are doing the same thing in adapting and adopting technology
Devices are personal… capture that info ad ou have the closest access to an individual
Why extend to these platforms ad miss the market opportunit!
How is this sector changing and leverage their investment to establish a strong footing in an emerging market! It's the subtle changes that old establishments are missing... It’s not just using the technology but how you do so that matters! It seemed so easy-
“View online listings for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Watch every sport live online. Exclusive coverage only on NBC The evenn integrated with Facebook...”
That is till you needed to enter your cable username and password! has exclusive rights in the US. So in planning their business model the question is were they doing so with a 1998 audience 0r a 2016 audience in mind!
Pure 1998 thinking…
It’s the same challenge we are facing and expect to face with local startups we are encountering and expect to encounter @
What will our sector look like in 2015… How is the way we traditionally do things changing ad affecting user habits… how does that reflect in our business model!
I’m at a wifi café.. So I asked and not one person in the café where we’re sitting has a cable provider- username and password, nor are they willing to invest in it! Even for the Olympics...
20-40 yr old they are the smart phone, laptop, ipad audience!
The question is how could @nBColmpic have used this opportunity to gain a market advantage!
B y the way are you watching live... did you know you could!
London •

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Team Won @ NYC #FashionHack Day @Giltgroupe hosted b @gilttech - thanks gus

I'm Proud of this and teh team! I usually attend hacks to learn about the API's but this was fashion, and having spent the last 7 years observing studying and testing Fashion Tech out there I was looking forward to this... and yes it was at Gilt Groupe headquaters... so who could resist! 


I'll share  what I posted on m
y Timline! 


Our winning team from NYC Fashion Hack Day at Gilt NYC offices! We started at 11am and had till 7pm to come up with a concept, hack/design software and present a pitch... not bad for a group that met at the event! We walked away with top prize from Apigee for StyleLust a new platform to help stylist scout and pull to unique items from designers, vintage purveyors & brands! Stlelust  also leverages teh  networks of STlist with a unique revenue sharing mode  thus it does bit more than  'h
elp the fashion industry work: sourcing materials for photo shoots" with geo-tagging ad social commerce!

stylelust.fashionhack at gmail [dot] com for more info

It's the 4th hack I've attended and the second time I've been in a submitting team and the second time that team  won! L- right Jey, Trish, Ms Kate, Bonnie, Kwasi and Kevin! From m end  It helped that I had discussed this problem with  some Brookln Dtlist... the gu
ys are in Fashion  Branding ad Marketing and Trish  was a former stylist! Kate and kevin were the best tech teamy ou could ask for and Ms Kate LOVES fashion, making sure we had a consumer facing aspect! 

What worked was that everyone understood the task at hand.. trust me this is a platform that will disrupt the sector...  This was truly enjoyable... and oh the power of sharing!
 — at Gilt Group.



Two other winners... The Continuum fashion team  presented a concept for digial printing similar to the canvazz I''ve been  working on... But I knew I  recognised the name and sure enough they are the team  behind DDress which I scooped a while back

next to them  a team using the Gilt Api to  easily  find specific extreme sizes... large or petite in a Gilt offering... 

and next to them the team that  integrates FB  Reviews and Gilt APi... to  get  a crowd input!  

Hopefull they will publish a list of winners soon with links so i can really enjoy


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Northside Entrepreneurship (Promotional) Free Badge Giveaway June 14th & 15th

Northside Entrepreneurship Free Badge Giveaway June 14th & 15th

Via Our Media Strategist Bonnie Sandy of Brooklyn Fashion Week & Tibiae Tech - comes a offer to the latest Entrepreneur conference: Northside festival has added an Entrepreneurship event on June 14th & 15th at 
The Northside Warehouse and Festival Headquarters- They are giving away a limited number of Northside Entrepreneurship Badges to select groups. 
open during the following hours:

Thursday, June 14 8:30am -10pm 
Friday, June 15 8:30am -10pm 
sign up at

We apologize for lateness but this is definitely something Entrepreneurs need to check out and in case you're wondering, a Northside Entrepreneurship badge gets you:

  • Access to all Northside Entrepreneurship events (June 14-15) on a first-come, first-served basis including panels, presentations, events and the trade show floor. Northside Entrepreneurship also includes panels and keynotes on Social Cinema and the Music Now Summit (presented by AT&T), all taking place at the Northside Warehouse.

  • Additionally, you’ll also be able to walk into tons of local bars and restaurants that will be offering discounts to badge-holders on food and drinks (both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety). Information on those discounts will be provided in the festival program guide that you’ll receive when picking up you your badge

  • One free ride to or from the Northside Festival up to $35, thanks to our friends at Uber. To redeem your ride, download the free Uber iPhone/Android App (or sign up at for the text message feature). Then, sign up with all your information and enter promo code Northside.

Check here for promotional details

Check here for Northside Festival details

Check here for Northside Festival Entrepreneurship details


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Northside Entrepreneurship Promotional Badge Giveaway June 14th & 15th

Northside Entrepreneurship Promotional Badge Giveaway 

Northside festival has added an Entrepreneurship event on June 14th  & 15th at 
The Northside Warehouse and Festival Headquarters

The are giving away a limited number of Northside Entrepreneurship Badges to select groups. If you use to this form,  you  will get free registration to the entrepreneurship conference.


direct link . Anyone that fills it out will get free registration to the entrepreneurship conference.

Sorry for last minute  
Any  problems Ask for 

Jaime Romero
and mention the streets411 offer

are open during the following hours:
Thursday, June 14 8:30am -10pm
Friday, June 15 8:30am -10pm

Remember, Northside Entrepreneurship is this coming Thursday and Friday (June 14-15)! Here is a link to the schedule and some of our favorite sessions ( •                Etsy and Birchbox's CTO on s*#t that seemed like a good idea but I'd never do again. •                The partisan power of digital content with Eli Pariser, Andew Raseij, and Ben Wikler from •                Hey, Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone: StartupEDU with Skillshare, Codeacademy, 2Tor, Lore, and Grovo •                Dennis Crowley and Jerry Colonna on the evolution of an executive. •                The 6 year "overnight" success - How we built the biggest game in the world, with Dan Porter Free coffee provided by Brooklyn Roasting Company starts at 8:30am when doors open. Panels begin at 9:00am with incredible events and special multimedia presentations. (Want to see something cool? Visit the HUB and "look up.") You're also not going to want to miss the Media Makers Collective, a high profile section of the exhibit hall with demos, tutorials, and a collection of next generation media making companies. Each evening closes with a special networking event (5-7pm) in the Heineken Lounge with beverages provided by Heineken. Can't wait to see you there! 

If you use to this form, anyone that fills it out will get free registration to the entrepreneurship conference.

direct link 

 Be sure to bring your photo ID; They can't release your badge without it. Badges are non-transferable. 

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Want to show in Paris- Afro Fashion Week hits France!

Wanna show in Paris... yes ou heard me... Mike Slla an Indie design colleague & collaborator in Paris just sent news of the Afro Fashion Week  This should be a GREAT Event! Above is Mikes submission For last  ear Brooklyn's Fashion Film Festival 

Thier FB  Page Afro Fashion Week  and

Their website is coming Soon! For now Join Their page and show support! 

AFRICAN FASHION WEEK Concept designer designer Mike Sylla The event haute couture and ready-to-wear African Fashion Week allows designers and fashion houses of Africa and its diaspora to present the latest trends in African fashion. It is designed for fashion journalists, buyers and celebrities to promote among them the creation and make it visible on the international fashion market. 

Feel Free To send iquiries to BrooklynFashion Film Festival at gmail  and we'll forward to mike


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Malene B Carpets & Moving the Juicy stuff to an email newsletter


So Malene is A collegue from teh Brookln Design scene, She is also Caribbean and Trinidadian :- June is Caribbean  Heritage month. What  reall makes her unique is her niche- Carpets ! I'm so proud of this sister! Join her FB p[age and support her! 


I have no problem distributing info from the local and international design circle... once teh  email me the info in time... But  I'll be doing  so via email... so why not sign up

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