Friday, July 28, 2006

Brooklyn designers Welcomes South African Meropa heritage designers



is A Cultural Trade experience

A fashion presentation and Sale

thursday august 3rd 4-7pm

CBJC Jazz Of Fashion


Meropa Heritage

A Cultural Trade experience

At A

Reception and Fashion Show,

LIU's Kumble Theatre, Flatbush @ Dekalb

Meropa Heritage is a a Cultural Trade experience. CBJC and the Artist Mosaic Jazz of Fashion is pleased to Host Meropa Heritage in a cultural trade showcase, Meropa Heritage is a South African collective, bringing together rural women and designers working for economic justice in South Africa. with guest appearance by Brooklyn Designers Brunson-Bey of Tribal Truths; Moshood Afrikan Spirit; Michi Designer Knitwear.

Space is limited Fashion community please Rsvp here

Fashion designers and models rsvp here

Trade, Boutige and retail buyers, press Rsvp here

Genreral public rsvp here



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