Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Designers sought for Fundraising

The tragedy In New Orleans has affected many including artist, musicians, designers, and independent business persons such as yourself. Imagine that the very instruments you need to provide a living for yourself and your family has been lost. Through the Artist Mosaic project I have been working to help artist get the tools and supplies that they have needed, I had previously set my birthday celebration as a fundraiser in support of that, this will be continued. However I am reaching out to other designers, A-liners to come together to Help fellow artist. On October 22nd The Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium had reserved the Von king Park for their Anniversary celebration. This Open Concert will be dedicated to relief efforts in support of fellow artist, as the Jazz of Fashion Event A-liners would be represented. I am Asking Designers interested in Organizing a fund raising efforts to contact me. One suggestion is that we donate garments for a major sale, In house Studio events. Please feel free to leave your info in the comment box or respond via phone or e-mail

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Who's behind A-liners

Friday, September 02, 2005

Come Out In support of A-liners

September 17th 2005,
Yolélé Restaurant and Art Gallery
Contact: 718-622-0101
1108 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
“KANIKA” a collection that reflect and celebrates myfirst personal commercial collection after a three year break the launch of http://www.bonniesandy.com/. For Those who are wondering, yes I'm a designer also. After a three year break I will launch my first personal collection! It's a birthday celebration that will showcase what, why, who, when!
There is no cover
I'm inviting you to come out and support
the host by partaking of their
excellent menu and drink selection
@ 7 pm
Or join us by10pm
for after party and Fashion Show.
items from my past collections as well as young designers I'm mentoring will be on sale.
Part of the evening sales will go to support my work with
the Artist Mosaic and A-liners
Donations are welcome
Rsvp via comment box.

Highlights from The A-liners spring Summer 2005

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March 2005-August2005 A-liners report

When I started in March I knew It would be a huge task but thanks to designers, models and photographers we were able to lay down a solid foundation. Take alook @ the slide review below! We will als obe updating the links to all designers featured. to be part of the fall showcase. e-mail us (or leave info in comment box) We will send you the application form and instructions for sending your fall holiday pics!
For More Details

Check out the following @ your leisure!
A-liners @ Urbanfashion fest
an added treat
found A-liners through an internet search!

So what 's next fall shows are lining up we'd love to list your show
so please post dates in the comment box! We'll begin listing by September 10th.
Those showing during fashion week Good

We'll be updating the links to the designer sites below so bookmark us.

Tahnee . 718-262-9252c. 718-791-6229
Beautifying the world, one photo at a time
Collyn Thompson

Darryl Reece
(631) 643-0068


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