Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Startup 2012 Online Video will explode and so will opportunity in the space!


As of January My focus is taking local talent  global and bringing Global talent local! 2012 I start the  professional aspect of what Ido  turning  my  exploration into product services and merchandise!and  Yes I'm cutting  down on the freebies!

If you need my help  Sunday January  1sy  is a Great time to explore what ioffer as an Option without the commitment... there will be others who understand and know tech to help at these Jellies so I recommend attending!  A jelly is a sort of casual cowrking with a Coffee house vibe..

So Bring your laptops .. YOU are Here toi work!

I have been focused on bringing more wome, blacks and the " ethnic minority" into technology since 2005/6! I love video...

In 2012  Online Video will explode and so will opportunity in the space! but it means training, development and exploration! So I'm glad to see other efforts emerging! 

At #NewMeCommunityNYC on Dec 15th it was a pleasure standing nect to  so many  Entrepreneurs dedicated To Startup in Tech Space.. I am not much into the Social Media scene... so many in attendence were new to me...  I knew two-three individuals as part of the Barcamp Scene and a couple from Podcamp and the emerging online video space!  Few attend hack... until recently I did not!

There was one hard core back end developer in the room (that I  recognized)   but unfortunately  Dawn (Yes a Black  female techie) who  teaches at York College kept silent! 

As I listened  I was just glad they were there, seven years... is a long time to wait to see this growth! The fact is though they have beenin existence...  it's connecting to each other  that is difficult!

But I cannot help thinking...

WHAT YOU  DO NOT Know will impede your progress!

Startup is not  just about Venture Capital  funding!

I'm interested in all forms of online video but particularly Telepresence and its use  by creatives! In the last few weeks so many  people have been calling for info... and they are always surprised at  what they DO NOT KNOW!

We had been planning Black jelly for a while...

I love the Outpost and most days can be found there by those needing tech help!   The lighting and teh volume also needs to be a bit different! Most blacks i meet love teh space but want  a differnt menu and Music.. LOL! 

Sunday  January 1st pick my  brain and that of others  at a "Black Jelly" ... a  Jelly is tech  concept,  casual coworking;-  sort of what the  coffeee house experience is for poets and creatives... It's a Working session so bring  your laptops-  4-9pm  our goal is  to get  you  set up to functional and aware of whare to  find info  and what's currently  going on in  your niche; so you  begin or continue your journey to your own business!

We have Fun while we work

We Recommend you RSVP  for Updates and software notes!  

(FREE WIFI Free entrance food and drinks will be available!) 

All are welcome... check details at

One rule if you can help someone Step up!

 Start The New year Working on  your goals

The Alchemist Lounge 

31 Rockwell Pl

Brooklyn Ny 

This is Business so treat  it as such 

Arrive on time

4-5 presentation  and discusiion

5-5:30 Intos and networking

6 till... open your laptops or old style notebook and create the next  tech sensation!

Yes Entrance is free but be prepared to support the venue


Space has been a problem and we're really glad the Alchemist Lounge wants to explore their space as a meeting  venue for tech  startups during the day... come be part of the movement! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you Identify as a Black Designers- Stand & Be counted- Black History Month Project


I Need to identify  Black  designers... if you know one please pass along  if you are and this is a GLOBAL call Please list yourself! If You are curious as to what we are up to please register at for news on our FEB 2012  Plans--- rember it's a Leap Year!

We also are curating Noir La Modé™’ NY Fashion Week 2012 see below!

the question of "Aesthetic..What is Black' that draws the passion! There are  designers of African ethnicity who cover

  • ·         Skater/Street Wear (Trash and vaudeville)
  • ·         Modern/ Contempory
  • ·         Business Contempory
  • ·         Eco-chic Green- Green/ Sustainable
  • ·         Avant Garde
  • ·         Traditional Ethnic
  • ·         Modern Ethic
  • ·         Bridal/Formal
  • ·         Urban Wear Designers (hip Hop)
  • ·         Lingerie
  • ·         Accessories- Shoes, belt,  scarves, Hosiery
  • ·         Jewelry/artisanal | Fine jewelry-precious metals | Watches
  • ·         The Wearable s   
  •  Wearable Art
  •  Transformers---  Clothing that convert- modern take on  ethnic shapes!
  • Zero waste
  •  Wearable Technolog
  • Wearable Heritage – A HUGE economic aspect-

§  Cultural-

§  Ceremonial

§  “Spiritual ” vestments and other clothing

§  including Wearable medicine (yes I’ve heard & seen  it)

o   §  Pageantry…

They  can be  found in the Designer/boutique, Custom/bespoke, Luxury & Mass Markets! So if you're a designer and interested ilisting  please leave your name and email and link and we'll get back to  you!

designers interested in  Listing



Apply Now for Noir La Modé™’ NY Fashion Week 2012- to benefit the Urban League and Agape Haven! Featuring New York Fashion Week Runway show; Runway Soiree & Charity Auction at the African American Museum:- largest Sample Sale and Charity Pop Up Boutique One full store of Black Designers!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Invitation To The Launch of Simon Duncan's Brooklyn Clothing Lab


Please sign this form for guest list to Simon Duncans  Brooklyn Clothing Lab Launch before Wednesday 7th at 12 midnight
the Event is Free

Want to Model check for contact info

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Does changing Global Access Affect cultural IP?- Inspired by The politics behind the “fakeness” of textiles in Togo


As an artist I appreciate IP protection... I firmly believe that an artist has full IP rights to his creative output! I however ended my reading of this article with an uneasy feeling that the commercial interest and not the artform was at the center of the debate!

I have to admit i was a tad bit uneasy about that!

However where is the line drawn with creative techniques! if a techniques is executed "properly" is it not "Authentic"? Given Creative license at what point is expressions less "valuable"! Should a brand or a Government even a people prevent An individuals creative expressions..simply because of geography?

... and what of INNOVATION; growth? it was unclear this article may be speaking on the "Traditional" patterns but are they so revered that there is no room for The "New"

In contemplating a global platform these (and other) issues have actually been raised...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Day To Cyber Monday access Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival Free


Can small Local designers (and now dancers & other creatives)  use video to present or tell their stories?  We need your input! Please, register,login ,see, share and comment on The first  8 submissions for Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival now live at

The "trailers" are available for all to enjoy but note you will NEED to Register and login to  access the videos!

BROOKLYN FASHION WEEK IS FOCUSED on SOLUTIONS and change... for a sector many have ignored!

Many keep trying to figure out how and what is Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival... the fact is we are openly exploring

  • Presenting formats for a collection of Fashion Films
  • Connecting Marketing and sales of product and sell through from  those films
  • Expansion  and use of developing and emerging video platforms and formats for creatives
  • Development and servicing talent that  this sector would require!
  • Creation of one smoothe platform that simplifies teh process for designers and creatives!
  • How teh relevant Stake holders use and respond (So we need you to register loging, see, share and comment!)

Let me simply state that Not ONE Platform has proven to have a simple easy to navigate "natural" user interface!  hen there is cultural perception s of "TV" or video... every  female for example, "Had to get Her hair done"  before utilizing webcam programs!  Yes I even  found myself with  "he make up" routine!

The work now begins.. we are still waiting on a few submissions... we also are encouraging designers who would like to utilize video to join us... the learning curve is a bit steeper than  we anticipated! 

Read "What is Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival Aboutabout?

BaiFal Dream For Brooklyn Fashion Week Fashion Film Festival Trailer | 2012 Bkstyle!™ Brooklyn Feature Fashion Films


Transcending language and geographical constraints; Senegalese Designer Mike Sylla based in Paris gives us a virtual rendition of the art, music, movement and creativity that is Baifal Dream! Join for early  access to  all videos!


The Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival (BKFFF), asked fashion independents to explores video for show and sale! Now in Alpha through January 1st 2012-

See Participate Shop The items from the designers- (Coming Soon) check their cites or for a collective experience, submit a valid email to – register with a valid email at

You must be Logged in to view (

Share & Connect FB- Twitter- Posterous- etc we Appreciate the support

Comment — Your input will help us shape BKFFF!

Show- or Contact Us & Check our Faqs

Press & Trade for info on the Festival;, Dancehackit ; The Technology Sponsors or It’s other components, Designers Press/Media Kits


lauren luna For Brooklyn Fashion Week Fashion Film Festival Trailer | 2012 Bkstyle!™ Brooklyn Feature Fashion Films



Lauren Luna is an Artist and who took the plunge followed her dream to Houston Texas and a Shoe Company! This is her business story! Join for early  access to  all videos!

The Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival (BKFFF), asked fashion independents to explores video for show and sale! Now in Alpha through January 1st 2012-

See Participate Shop The items from the designers- (Coming Soon) check their cites or for a collective experience, submit a valid email to – register with a valid email at

You must be Logged in to view (

Share & Connect FB- Twitter- Posterous- etc we Appreciate the support

Comment — Your input will help us shape BKFFF!

Show- or Contact Us & Check our Faqs

Press & Trade for info on the Festival;, Dancehackit ; The Technology Sponsors or It’s other components, Designers Press/Media Kits


NYComing For Brooklyn Fashion Week Fashion Film Festival Trailer | 2012 Bkstyle!™ Brooklyn Feature Fashion Films

With a Teenager at it's helm NYComing zones in on up and coming talent in fashion, music and creative scene! Join for early  access to  all videos!

The Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival (BKFFF), asked fashion independents to explores video for show and sale! Now in Alpha through January 1st 2012-

See Participate Shop The items from the designers- (Coming Soon) check their cites or for a collective experience, submit a valid email to – register with a valid email at

You must be Logged in to view (

Share & Connect FB- Twitter- Posterous- etc we Appreciate the support

Comment — Your input will help us shape BKFFF!

Show- or Contact Us & Check our Faqs

Press & Trade for info on the Festival;, Dancehackit ; The Technology Sponsors or It’s other components, Designers Press/Media Kits


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tune in NOW to see Dancer in Gambia, St Lucia, Vermont & new york perfrom together

Head to to get the password and link for virtual access Tune in  AT 2pm est  to see Dancer in Gambia,  St Lucia, Vermont & new york perfrom together Live


Friday, November 18, 2011

November 19th See dancers From Gambia |St.Lucia | New York and Vermont Dance live In real time FREE


register below




Movement, Music, Fashion and Technology Intersect in Virtual Global Performance


NEW YORK, NY, November 1, 2011—Computer hackers tweak technology to create unexpected results in cyberspace. With DANCEHACKIT™, Tony Award-nominated choreographer Marlies Yearby and fashionista/ tech guru Bonnie Sandy hope to create an extraordinary virtual performance, crafted by tweaking movement, music, fashion and technology on a global scale. 

On November 19, from 2 p.m. until 4:30pm est, dancers from across the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and West Africa will perform to the same musical playlist, at the same time and in their own distinctive styles. Their improvisations will be remixed and streamed in real time on a wide screen to an audience at Long Island University’s Kumble Theater in Brooklyn (Flatbush Ave., between DeKalb Ave. and Willoughby St.) and online at

DANCEHACKIT™ represents a new synergy between arts and technology. “Existing at the intersection of movement, music and technology, DANCEHACKIT™ is designed to remove the limitations of location by being virtual and globally accessible,” explains project Director  and Co Founder Yearby.

DANCEHACKIT™ will launch as part of the Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival (BKFFF). “Dancers will strut not only their movement style but also their fashion statements through collaborations between dancers and fashion designers,” notes Sandy, who serves as Director of Technology.

Dance performers/leaders include Tracy Lang Dance (GA), Baraka de Soleil (IL), Marlies Yearby and Love/Forte, and Janelle Mahone (Gambia). Music by Oliver Lake, Wunmi and Slow Commotion, Vernon Reid, Morley Kamen, Dei Free Range Music, Groove Lily, Chen Lo and others will be featured. Participating designers include Kuumba Designs (St Lucia), Melissa Lockwood of IQTEST (NYC). Full List and updates  at 

DANCEHACKIT™ will end with a panel discussion with organizers and sponsors entitled Creativity,The Next Commodity: How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit? "With Google launching 100 online channels  and Comcast committing to at least eleven new channels, there is a need for innovative content. Artists have an opportunity to fill that void, but they first need to learn and adapt the technology. This is what we are doing here at BKFFF," says Sandy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BROOKLYN FASHION WEEK - A Brooklyn based & Virtual Show and Trade program, helping Independent Designers and in Fashion & Home, connect to Buyers, Boutiques, Shoppers, Bloggers & Press and Fans!

Designers and creative businesses who have been working with us are selling! That's our goal! So here's a Sneak Peak of BKFFF... Fashion, styling, accessories, workshops even a Trailer is on Brooklyn Fashion Week main site But to get the juice and to be invited online or offline... and you must register!

designers are taking a while to meet the challenge but we'll be ready soon!
remember This Sessions goes right through January st 1 2012!

nKFFF is OPEn To Trade and consumers But to SEE the Fashion Films and get invites to events You need to register !


register at
we started the intros to Buyers today.. Films are in and so are press packages ...well most of them! We are proud of the designers who met our challenge! Video is a Past work by one of our participating designers! Seminars & workshops are being taped... the public schedule is ready
But you MUST register

PRESS Get the Background Info on all the participants Choreographers, Dancers, Musicians, Vide & Tech Support o

An amazing group of talent come together in a fusion of Movement, Technology, media, fashion to FORGE A SOLUTION and celebrate community! take a look

SEE DANCEHACKIT™ FREE at Kumble Theater for The Performing Arts November 19th 2pm EST

SEE TOP Choreographers and dancers form NY, Vermont Africa and the Caribbean "Jam" together Live and In real Time
FREE at Kumble Theater for the performing arts RSVP NOW

The above is a PAST Work by Dancehackit Cofounder MArlies Yearby!

Working with The Dance community has Been Amazing

Fashion For Food | RSVP today to Attend this Free Event and donate to help Brooklyn Food Pantries for The Holidays!

Head to this link to rsvp Space
Sunday November 20th
Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts Brooklyn
RSVP NOW Now Doors open 2-6pm Fashion Show at 3pm

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your response is requested!-Can Content Producers Be Disruptors Or Is Content Only Meant To Be Disrupted? | TechCrunch


Please read The post and consider the question posed...

First I'll challenge the "disruptive" value of most technologies, getting funding... Yes everyone wants "Tech" or VC Investment... But in itself it should NOT be the sole business model of choice and sometimes it seems that way!
And the Value of "disruption"..
because you cause a "disruption" does not mean you are creating a solution of any value... but that's another issue!

I am a content creator ... who loves technology... and we are looking at this very question!

All this week and on Saturday 19, November, 2pm EST we will bring together content creators to explore technology...
dancers, choreographers, musicians, videographers, designers and presenters at 3 Venues "Launchpads" in NY, as well as venues in Atlanta Georgia, Chicago, Vermont , Gambia, West Africa, St. Lucia (the Caribbean)- We're awaiting final confirmation from Italy and UK;- in a real-time live Dance Improv that is to be streamed to personal devices as well as Projected Live at venues...

Yes this is possible because of social networking endeavors but not necessarily social media... we're actually Putting all these creators onto social networks.. as we have been since about 5 years ago... "Klout" won't measure our ability to reach into the Rolodex and get leading performers from around the world to explore!

We see ourselves as "addressing" challenges; addressing the way we can create and how the content which we create is seen, created, and shared... by content producers... The fact is most of the "content" that is getting investment dollars... really is not disrupting anything But the perception in the minds of those who believe they "know better"!

The fact is for these artist and creators... Even the way they are funded will be "Addressed". Frankly The term "disrupt" does not even exist in the vocabulary of fellow content creators... something about
'negative' energy of the word, but trust me can they disrupt...

Simply it's a network of Performers getting together to test technology and how they can use it to create content for their art and their livelihood! already they are NOT waiting on Disney, You Tube or Google! They have no idea of the many "funded" companies... and many of those companies are NOT seeking them out...

Without the technology they will still sell... without the content Technology is just "the internet" with content it become s "media" or TV!

Is this disruptive...
Is there a possibility for monetizing creative content... for investment?
these content creators have a culture of support;- They have patrons and investors , and consumers..
But will VC's Invest in Future development, even the content itself?

They are also not dependent on VC money as a revenue source... the project has to generate revenues .. for all involved
and as such justify investment!
Would they welcome VC money... Yes, but The integrity of their "content " will not be sacrificed!

There is a Lot tho discuss and consider...
We'll tackle one angle at the panel discussion at 3pm At Kumble theater for the Performing 3PM EST:Creativity The Next Commodity: How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit:

Is there income potential?
Is there Investment potential ?
already we've identified needs for specific hardware, software, and services outside the circle! They've began identifying not just constituents but consumers..
but first getting the tech to work and meld... which means getting technology involved!
This is a Lab by people who understand the sector ..using technology that exist or is emerging...

This can from a simple question to the Award winning choreographer of "RENT"
What would you do if You had access to technology!"
It came from showing them what exist!

All the technology is new to them... There is a huge learning curve in adoption and yes adaptation... Most of the technology was NOT actually designed with the input of ANY content creators!
So it seems most Disruptive technology is really "disrupting" imaginary situations!

As far as they are concerned the question is will this provide a source of income... I'm Bbetting they will devise a way to adress their challenges!

I am doing the same with the Fashion Design Sector! I understand that many of the "disruptions" are really high priced games that have little or no intrinsic value or effect in "addressing challenges or even creating new opportunities for any but the site owners! So a a designer in St. Lucia... understands that her "Skill" has value re-designs her studio gets her production set up and with skype, ohours, Vyou VoKle and others she sell to the US, Europe and Africa at a lower cost!

She only needs one app or tool for each function... and she will find that via a recommendation from her circle... or she will test them and give her opinion to others! To her technology is a tool just as her other tools, each capable of a different function ... just as her sewing machine and her dress-form! Without them she can still produce "content"! Already dhe has more offers than she can handle... building the eco-sytem to sustain growth is he focus!

What is being disrupted is the path to the consumer and Photographers video-graphers promoters retailers are panicked... The presumption of their value to her business model is being "Disrupted" her challenges are being addressed! Yes our goal is using the technology that exist to create vibrant economies and enterprises!
But again the question was "is there potential for investment?"
We're addressing Not disrupting! and

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Video, Technology , Social Opportunities and your Business of Creativity:- Fashion, Music, Dance November 13-20th

Creativity The Next Commodity: - Google just launched 100 channels. While Comcast has committed to at least 11 cable channels and Google, Apple, and Skype has introduced "TV's" ... which translates to a need for content!
Brooklyn Fashion Week Introduces the Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival as a "virtual" space to share a worldwide marketing effort by Independent Fashion Designers, Stylist and beauty professionals!

This year we sent out the challenge to fashion design professionals and others in our creative community… Tell us your story! We invited them to create a 3-15 minute video or “Fashion Film”! The goal is to get them to explore modern technology! To Show, Sell, Share or Teach!
Image:- Designer Louis Narcisee ... and Pharaonic Designs Collaborations of Greatness"

Technology removes the Barriers of Geography


Designers Show Share and sell Internationally... From November 13th-20th, they will explore video tools that allow for Sharing showcasing and selling . Web Video enables meetings, showcases, sales, support and services, global access to sourcing, trade and a new consumer base. BKFFF as an online event removes the limitations of location by being virtual and accessible to participants and viewers around the world.

Image:- Designer Esther Joseph participates from her studio in St Lucia... See her creative Talent! Kuumba Designs St Luciar register online to see videos from other Participants! Mike Sylla From Paris ,,, Robert Young From Trinidad!
Below from Columbus Ohio Lauren Luna Shoes) Shoes


How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit:

**Nov 13th-20th - We ask The Creative Community to explore Video & technology during Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival... **

We asked them to do so Online and offline in Open Formats to inspire others! We reached into our Social networks and asked Designers, Dancers, Musicians and other artist and creatives from New York, Ohio, Arizona, Paris, St Lucia, Trinidad, Gambia to start using video in their businesses!

Attend Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival Online (BKFFF)
Virtual Viewing Schedule Register at

Sponsors;- Streets of New York 411 | Vyou | Vokle| Kumble Theater | The Blue Wonder | WoomenMoves klickable| Dreamface| O'hours| Buyosphere | 282AC |
connect with them here

Streets Of New York 411 Is a proud ( Sponsor )of this Event ...
We are a Distribution Company. We do not share your emails with the organizations we serve… Remember you can control which messages you receive:- General News ; Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens & Harlem News: Business, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture, Tech, Entertainment, Fashion, Real Estate, Family Fun, Faith, Health & Wellness; Even Local Deals & Free 411! We encourage you to Manage your news. Join our List We distribute information to audiences we develop and nurture... welcome aboard! And, Please share with a friend! About Us ! Please check our Transparency and Privacy positions HERE!!

As per FCC regulations. PLEASE NOTE: Streets of New York 411 (SONY411) is a Marketing and Information Distribution Company. Our business model is built around the notion of sharing information as a service for which we are paid!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Exploring technology in creative endeavors-Dance, Fashion, Music- DanceHackit @ Kumble Theater


New York, NY (November 1, 2011) – Exploring technology in creative endeavors, Tony-award nominated choreographer of the hit Broadway musical RENT and fashionista-technology diva Bonnie Sandy introduce DANCEHACKIT™ a new virtual platform they’ve originated to share creativity and showcase fresh ideas. “It removes the limitations of location by being virtual and globally accessible” says Director Marlies Yearby, “Imagine: dancers in different parts of the world start moving simultaneously to the same music: a DANCEHACKIT”.  Dance is a universal language and it brings people together.  That is what we aim to do.”

This style and freedom of expression will test launch as a part of Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival (BKFFF)  on November 19th, 2011 from the mother launch pad held at Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus.  The action can be seen live and streamed, or as remixed, and replayed to your screen.

A featured Vjay will interplay with the streamed dancers and the behind the scene montages captured by tech sponsor The resulting video mix will be tossed back out for viewers to experience and share.

DANCEHACKIT is on the BKFFF calendar of premiere events, and is a representation of exploration present in technology and the arts today!

Kumble Theater for The Performing Arts will open its main stage so DANCEHACKIT™ can be projected on a wide screen and viewed live. The theater is located on Flatbush Avenue between DeKalb Avenue and Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn, New York:

Padders/Dancers will strut not only their movement style but their fashion statement as well with some LaunchPads hosting a collaboration of Designer and Dancer. “We’re looking at creativity and style with some Pads collaborating with fashion designers in Brooklyn Film and Fashions Festivals” said Sandy.  “It will be interesting to see the synergy between the design and the dance as well as the conflict and chaos.” said Yearby.

BKFFF organizers invited the “innovative and bold” fashion designers to add their voice through 3-15 minute story videos, hosted on the web, and to explore the use of video in creative enterprise. “Their is a need for innovative content now with Google launching 100 channels and Comcast committing to at least 11 channels.  Artists and Creators have an opportunity to fill that void.  But they first need to learn and adapt the technology.  This is what we are doing here at BKFFF” states Project Leader Bonnie Sandy.  All material will either be Screened live, Simulcast or Shown on Demand!   To participate, sponsor, partner or attend go to

A Panel will end the DANCEHACKIT with  Creativity The Next Commodity: How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit: This Panel will show the attendee how to discover & explore  new technologies, gain access and expertise. The dialogue will introduce  hacking and improvising as tools in creating, conceptualizing and developing content. Creativity is the next Commodity is the Artist ready!

Among the technology companies sponsoring the  event and  who are also providing tech support to the Creatives.  The growing list of community  supporters, sponsors and collaborators for both DanceHackIt and Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival can be seen at

 Attend (
Participate (
Information on  Kumble Theater

About video… (

This video promo is from Brown Butterfly Hailed in the New York Times. A  celebration of Muhammed Ali “The Greatest” , Directed, Choreographed and Co Conceived by Marlies Yearby. Conceived and Composed By Craig Harris. Video Master Controller Jonas Goldstein and Mark Goldberg. Produced by Harlem Stages/Aaron Davis Hall and Kansas Lied Center for the Performing Arts.  (video promo by Joe Douillette).

DANCEHACKIT™  promises to be as explosive and innovative as Brown Butterfly.  Join in and discover with us!

November 13-19th 2011

Professional Seminars in Fashion Beauty and Creative Enterprise

Shop Online or at our Brooklyn  Location

See Fashion By Creative professionals

Panels DIscussions, Video Support

 Nov 19th- DANCEHACKIT  2pm EST
at Kumble Thearter for the Performing Arts
 November 20th Fashion For Food -2-6pm At Kumble Theater

Sponsors;- Streets of New York 411 | Vyou | VokleKumble Theater | The Blue Wonder | WoomenMoves klickable| DreamfaceO'hoursBuyosphere | 282AC

Friday, October 28, 2011

Desigmers are You Ready for Deadlines:- Nov 3rd Fashion Draft NYC | November 7th- www.Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival


Our  Last Call  fliers  for  and are  being distributed! We start marketing push November 1st... Please send in your  press info!

Below s a list of deadlines for creatives! There are opportunities for assistance available for creatives Some financial, Some provide space and  an  incubator setting, even  employment... For Caribbean nationals even a grant... We're organizing a call for a brooklyn  Boutiques... and we are aware of other upcoming  opportunities!

Yes there are opportunities for emerging designers... but  you have to  "Show yourself viable"

This week a young designer informed me she had a great opportunity... my first question... are you  ready... "well" she said "I'm  getting images together and planning  a show"... I looked her dead in the facre and asked are you  ready...

She knew exactly what I meant... She has no product, maybe some samples, No Production, No Distribution, No sales , No marketing ,  No Financing... No proof of viability and let's not  speak on quality control!

Others have, "been in magazines", and "won competitions' but are barely, selling or making ends meet... November 1- january 1 , 2012 we start our campaign to have designers end the year in the black!

Indie designers it is possible to sell from your first design... We'll have workshops during Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival but in the meantime hear's some deadlines... even if you are Not  participating  or submitting read the requirements as a guide to what  you need to do!


November 3rd 2011 for Next years Graduates- Fashion Draft NYC Will Place Recent Graduates from Around the World With NYC- Based Fashion Companies | Streets of New York 411

November 28th 2011 - Caribbean Nationals Direct assistancs scheme Call For Proposals 1st Call for Proposals TO BE OFFICIALLY ends November 28th 2011 CARIFORUM countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago).-Exporting or demonstrate their potential to export goods and services and Trading in the following Sectors: Alternative Energy, Agriculture, Agro-Processing, Creative Industries1, Health & Wellness, Information CommunicationTechnology, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Tourism

January 22nd 2012 Application  deadline for Macy's Workshop

ASAP But On going Young contemporary women's boutique for independent and emerging designers with two locations in Brooklyn, NY seeks new designers for our design collective. Designers currently in the collective offer one of a kind pieces with a retail price range of mid to high.

Design submissions are open in the following categories
Handbags & Accessories
Junior's & Women's Clothing Sizes Small to 3XLarge
Specifically Dresses, Tops, T-Shirts, Pants & Skirts, Outwear,
Looks that can be transformed from day to night, edgy yet modern.
Women's Shoes
Home & Gift
Bath & Beauty
Women's Swimwear
Sleep wear & Intimate apparel
Jewelry - handmade original designs only

First delivery would be 10/28/11
Terms to be discussed
Pieces will be selected based on quality, design, construction and fit in current retail markets.

Submit interest for initial consideration and showing
At showing call please be prepared with the following
Sample finished work, Portfolio and Press Kit/Bio & Company I

October 31- November 7th- BROOKLYN FASHION FILM FESTIVAl - Designers, Creatives and professionals in Fashoion Home Beauty;-  Fashion Films For Brooklyn Fashion Film Festivals will be collected! Thanks fo rthe response...

November 5th DANCEHACKIT participants Call To Participate: Calling All Dancers, Movers, Tech Hounds, Music Makers, Creators, Visionaries, Stylist, VJay's

 November 7th Partnership Sponsorship and Advertising info for Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can Locl independent Designers From Around the World Create Great Fashion Film that Sell

i'm excited just  saw one of teh first  videos being prepared by teh designers... it's exciting  challenging them  to step  their game up! The fact is though that  most Independent designers  especially in Brooklyn come from a Trained art  background ... So It will be interesting to see how they meet the challenge!

Participate | 2012 Bkstyle!™ Brooklyn Fashion Film FestivalSpeaking to others though, esp  in prepping, it's a bit of a challenge, simply because many are unaware of what is going on or teh technology that  is available! So to start take a look  at  This article from the Business of Fashion 

see Business of Fashion's best Fashion Film for 2011

Take the time to  look at these video... what  do  you think! Can you  stand toe to toe ... what  would you do! 

When I  first proposed using video  to sell our fashions in 2006  one local indie designed scoffed and became indignat..."Video will Never  sell fashion"! Fortunately I  overcame my disappointment and plodded ahead! I know that  peopel watching  even teh video we sytarted with  wanted teh clothing... I also learned early that selling  clothing via video would require paying attention to teh  issues that were currently preventing the local clothing  from  selling...lack of stock! 

Production, Unique fabrication, Proper sizing, distribution fulfillment.. so we took the time, and we're still  continuing  to address issue's!



Monday, October 24, 2011

YESS! Brooklyn Fashion Week is November 13th -19th 20 11 it's time to sign up NOW

We need you to sign up by This Friday October 29th for and! We announce participants November 1st !  We're so exicted that independent  designers and service professional in Fashion Home Accessories, Beauty Hair and Styling are taking on teh challenge! of telling their story in Video!  we love our sponsors and supporters and this promises to be excited

It's a lot of work  so we need volunteers, partners and supporters from the creative and tech communities! 


Dance your style... remember 

Marlies Yearby Award Winning Choreographer of Broadway musical "RENT" will to lead live streamed Global Improv -  and has a GLOBAL  call Call To Participate: Calling All Dancers, Movers, Tech Hounds, Music Makers, Creators, Visionaries, Stylist, VJay's  please READ Share Sign up.. Support  this week !

 Next week we start press and announce program, participating designers & experts in fashion, home, beauty, hair, andretail as well as sponsors ! It's a lot of work  but  designers are getting theeir colleagues onboard! 


At the core we engage in fashion weeks and trade shows even pop up shop for one simple reason To SELL! Many are caught in the image of "Fashion" and have forgotten "the why" of what we do! Brooklyn Fashion Film festival is a platform ...To facilitate Trade
There are three opportunities for designer
• BROOKLYN FASHION FILM FESTIVAL - Designers from around the world can participate from wherever they are and explore how video and tele-presence can help you sell. We are inviting the Innovative and bold to add their voice a 3-15 Minute video, Sit on a live video panel; Give a presentation To trade or consumers or be an expert on our delayed video panel! Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival a showcase, marketing and trade platform ! See notes and links here! We will speak to each participant to ensure they understand the opportunity and what is expected and the timeline!
• Resources support and use of technology for designers and the creative to help show market and sell through January 1st- Benefits of participation
• Designer call for Boutique Placement Placement in a Park Slope boutique two block from the new stadium in an area known for residents who are writers in many leading NY magazines and media publication. The owners also see this as a venue to boost emerging design talent… btw during November 13th-19th the venue will feature and sell products from participating designers! Please note this is the same venue we will be using for Brooklyn Fashion Week! There isno guarantee that designers will be in store before or during Brooklyn Fashion Week! The week gives an opportunity to see the response of the public to you line! The store owner has final approval of who is accepted outside of Brooklyn Fashion Week!
• I am an advocate for independent designers… I want this to be the best example of independent design talent and I want designers to end their year in the black! I suggest designers call to speak t me on both opportunities see skype and o’hours below
o Tip
Buyers are looking to see the line ... Sometimes lookbooks can cloud judgment if the clothing is not well photographed! Line sheets and product shots are recommended. Upload lookbooks and line sheets to a google doc (they take large documents) and share with the buyer
we can review products via skype my skype id is artistmosaics
Email pitch to we will send a a template!
• •Logistic of the pitch
• •Re: Call for international independent designers- Template
As I speak to each designer it becomes clear that many are not aware how the tools can affect their business! Simply saving time and cutting cost! As a sample of how technology can help your business let me take you through a skype session while I lay out the details!
o Download skype
o Book an open session with me using (one of our sponsors) and see how I use technology in the business of fashion…
See longer version of this and more resources

email brooklynfashionfilmfestiva @ m

call 646 7362984 

leave your contact info 




Saturday, October 22, 2011

Global Opportunity Volunteer and intern opportunity media and content creationand facilitation for digital formats

As we gear into final prep for Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival I cannot help but think  we need to develop  content creators and facilitators in niche creative sectors who  can  work on and with this new technology!
Got  questions on and ! Talk to me  via (one of our sponsors

There are subtle nuances that others miss... which take years to develop and nurture! In the Social Tv movement  many tend to come from a tech or video perspective... but social media is about sharing info we LOVE and are passionate about not just  the latest TVshow... unless you are passionate about current TV  programming!

As I said in TV goes Social In February... at somepointr  we have to address content creation!

When conducting an online interview it's hard to mann the technology!  As media strategist for Streets of New York, I am Looking at our growth  and the truth is I need to train others! As lead project director of 28 squared I see future business opps for creatives  ! Now through-January 1st! in social media and new tech training via video One needs awebcam, internet access Skype  and a willingness to follow directions as well as think outside the box...  I'm looking for young people ... well any individual wishing to learn some of the new technology to facilitate businesses!  Especially with virtually operating video and audio programs for online presentation and trade!

I currently facilitate workshops & seminars- " tv shows" in our projects and with impending social tv growth - I keep thinking this can a great income potential esp  for college students ... note there is a slight learning curve, The field and the technology is new
but when i started so was facebook!

will need support during November 13th-19th and we have tech sponsors who will be helping along

Today I'm Taking questions on , the designers call for the Brooklyn boutique and our Fastrac "business' program for a Black Holiday program!

Please call me  directly  Bonnie sandy
Phone/VM//SMS               646 736 2984       
skype artistmosaic
Google Plus



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