Sunday, November 13, 2011

your response is requested!-Can Content Producers Be Disruptors Or Is Content Only Meant To Be Disrupted? | TechCrunch


Please read The post and consider the question posed...

First I'll challenge the "disruptive" value of most technologies, getting funding... Yes everyone wants "Tech" or VC Investment... But in itself it should NOT be the sole business model of choice and sometimes it seems that way!
And the Value of "disruption"..
because you cause a "disruption" does not mean you are creating a solution of any value... but that's another issue!

I am a content creator ... who loves technology... and we are looking at this very question!

All this week and on Saturday 19, November, 2pm EST we will bring together content creators to explore technology...
dancers, choreographers, musicians, videographers, designers and presenters at 3 Venues "Launchpads" in NY, as well as venues in Atlanta Georgia, Chicago, Vermont , Gambia, West Africa, St. Lucia (the Caribbean)- We're awaiting final confirmation from Italy and UK;- in a real-time live Dance Improv that is to be streamed to personal devices as well as Projected Live at venues...

Yes this is possible because of social networking endeavors but not necessarily social media... we're actually Putting all these creators onto social networks.. as we have been since about 5 years ago... "Klout" won't measure our ability to reach into the Rolodex and get leading performers from around the world to explore!

We see ourselves as "addressing" challenges; addressing the way we can create and how the content which we create is seen, created, and shared... by content producers... The fact is most of the "content" that is getting investment dollars... really is not disrupting anything But the perception in the minds of those who believe they "know better"!

The fact is for these artist and creators... Even the way they are funded will be "Addressed". Frankly The term "disrupt" does not even exist in the vocabulary of fellow content creators... something about
'negative' energy of the word, but trust me can they disrupt...

Simply it's a network of Performers getting together to test technology and how they can use it to create content for their art and their livelihood! already they are NOT waiting on Disney, You Tube or Google! They have no idea of the many "funded" companies... and many of those companies are NOT seeking them out...

Without the technology they will still sell... without the content Technology is just "the internet" with content it become s "media" or TV!

Is this disruptive...
Is there a possibility for monetizing creative content... for investment?
these content creators have a culture of support;- They have patrons and investors , and consumers..
But will VC's Invest in Future development, even the content itself?

They are also not dependent on VC money as a revenue source... the project has to generate revenues .. for all involved
and as such justify investment!
Would they welcome VC money... Yes, but The integrity of their "content " will not be sacrificed!

There is a Lot tho discuss and consider...
We'll tackle one angle at the panel discussion at 3pm At Kumble theater for the Performing 3PM EST:Creativity The Next Commodity: How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit:

Is there income potential?
Is there Investment potential ?
already we've identified needs for specific hardware, software, and services outside the circle! They've began identifying not just constituents but consumers..
but first getting the tech to work and meld... which means getting technology involved!
This is a Lab by people who understand the sector ..using technology that exist or is emerging...

This can from a simple question to the Award winning choreographer of "RENT"
What would you do if You had access to technology!"
It came from showing them what exist!

All the technology is new to them... There is a huge learning curve in adoption and yes adaptation... Most of the technology was NOT actually designed with the input of ANY content creators!
So it seems most Disruptive technology is really "disrupting" imaginary situations!

As far as they are concerned the question is will this provide a source of income... I'm Bbetting they will devise a way to adress their challenges!

I am doing the same with the Fashion Design Sector! I understand that many of the "disruptions" are really high priced games that have little or no intrinsic value or effect in "addressing challenges or even creating new opportunities for any but the site owners! So a a designer in St. Lucia... understands that her "Skill" has value re-designs her studio gets her production set up and with skype, ohours, Vyou VoKle and others she sell to the US, Europe and Africa at a lower cost!

She only needs one app or tool for each function... and she will find that via a recommendation from her circle... or she will test them and give her opinion to others! To her technology is a tool just as her other tools, each capable of a different function ... just as her sewing machine and her dress-form! Without them she can still produce "content"! Already dhe has more offers than she can handle... building the eco-sytem to sustain growth is he focus!

What is being disrupted is the path to the consumer and Photographers video-graphers promoters retailers are panicked... The presumption of their value to her business model is being "Disrupted" her challenges are being addressed! Yes our goal is using the technology that exist to create vibrant economies and enterprises!
But again the question was "is there potential for investment?"
We're addressing Not disrupting! and