Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Does changing Global Access Affect cultural IP?- Inspired by The politics behind the “fakeness” of textiles in Togo


As an artist I appreciate IP protection... I firmly believe that an artist has full IP rights to his creative output! I however ended my reading of this article with an uneasy feeling that the commercial interest and not the artform was at the center of the debate!

I have to admit i was a tad bit uneasy about that!

However where is the line drawn with creative techniques! if a techniques is executed "properly" is it not "Authentic"? Given Creative license at what point is expressions less "valuable"! Should a brand or a Government even a people prevent An individuals creative expressions..simply because of geography?

... and what of INNOVATION; growth? it was unclear this article may be speaking on the "Traditional" patterns but are they so revered that there is no room for The "New"

In contemplating a global platform these (and other) issues have actually been raised...