Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plitzs FAll 2006 Fashion Week Designer Shows

Let;s Back it up BabY!

I'll be the first to admit this article is way overdue and I apologise to Zoii and the guy's @ Plitzs at the same time I'd like to thank the folks @ NACC And Caribbean American weekly for giving them some well deserved press.

Fashion Week is the premiere business showcase in this industry and we do need a venue that allows us an opportunity to showcase our fashion. the Staff at Plitzs has taken on That mammoth cause and I hope you would give your support also. Since I missed most of the shows, and worked on William Fleets TBA Line, I'm reserving comment on the lines, lest my bias show!

The Shows organization was great. This team without a doubt is well versed in fashion runway prentation. They attracted press and given the competition the attendance was great. Check the site for their professional video of fall 2006 fashion week designer shows or take a peak at my amateur footage!

There were two things I'd recommend changing. The Venue the owner of that venue has some serious issues which he translates to visitors to the point of intrusion. The lighting was terrible, details on the clothing were hard to see! Then again that may have been due to the fact that the clothing were not designed for presentation, details were not emphasized and clear design directions were not apparent.

Folks we have to take ourselves seriously to be taken seriously. Stylist DAVI pulled together one of the best staging @ the shows I attended. Which leads to the recommeddation That designers start seeking the services of gifted stylists to maximize their show impact!

Second this IS A BUSINESS PRESENTATION! There were some Sorority sisters @ this event who forgot or did not know that! One of the problems resulting from our college circuit scenario. THEY would not have put down that behaviour @ one of their business presentations. Designers we need to respect ouselves before we demand respect! Many of us are 'pimping' our talents. Some designers even ran out on the guest. Take yourself seriously ! Take the efforts of Plitzs and other such group seriously. Take the press seriously!Take your audience seriously! Take your customers seriously!

There is so much more to a Fashion Week than just the runway. Plitzs has bravely stepped where few would venture. There is a lot to work out, but I for one applaud their efforts. I would recommend those who intend to participate in the September shows contact Plitz and start preparation early!
above photos william fleet To Be African
Top A BSs4 silhouette intetpreted for the TBA Collection
Bottom A TBA silhouette given the BSs Treatment
Available exclusively @


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Spring is in the Air rather spring fasion is in the air

Spring is in the air !!!
... and the racks, they are changing

I stopped by Moshoods recently, to leave some flyers about my new multi-media site and thank Kunle for the use of their video and their support of the A-liners. while there I decided to get an early start my article on Brooklyn spring trend's for CALABAR, the new lifestyle magazine By Atim Oton, the former editor of Sapphire and Indigo Magazines. I must say that I was really impressed, Moshood has what is probably one of the best design interpretation of spring's stipes trend, I have come across. Stripes are one of the most difficult motifs to success fully translate to wearable clothing , and Moshood's eclectic clientele. The Folks @ this veteran New York Afro stylePalace, showed why they remain @ the top, they created a line that flatters a myriaad of figure types ... they did one hell of a job.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Brooklyn Fashion a season More than A week or Weekend

Aliners Brooklyn Fashion Calendar
April 2006
First Draft

Please have your colleagues send us the info on their show and sales! We have venues for designers whose studios are in their homes!

Wednesday 5th

New Designers Seminar $10.00 advance $20

see post

Saturday April 8th

Calabar Imports Showcase

Washingtom Ave

Thursday, April 6th at

Fashun Forward

9:30pm. The designer is David Ramson.

Advanced tickets are $5.00 and $7.00 at the door.

There will be a cash bar and free hors de vours. All are welcome.

Wednesday 12- Amarachi lounge

individual show Opportunity for a-liner A-liners

Thusrday 20thAmarachi’s lounge Group show

Fashion 4 Ward introduces Brooklyn’s New young Guns designer!

Wednesday individual show

April 22 Jazz Connections

Jazz Connections Fashion Brunch

Featuring Michi and vendors call for details

11-4 Sugar hill restaurant

April 22

4w fashion Show 5.30 pm

April 26th Individual show!-

Fashun 4 Ward


A-liners- Takiyah Jerome spring Show And Sale

April 29th

Designer Charity Knit pick

CROTCHET And knit Artist get involved

pic up

1069 Bergen Street Between Rogers & Nostrand

B44 or A Train To Nostrand 5 short blocks to Bergen Street make Right walk In direction of traffic B44 to Bergen, B65 to (betw, Rogers & Nostrand)

1-718-771-3687 2-6pm

April 29th -

Designer Distinctinctive Darlings Show & Sale.

April 29th. 9am-6pm. Come check out custom

designed glassware made by Leleith

Calling Independent Brooklyn Fashion Designers

Designers if they can't Find you they can't support you!

A-LINERS DESIGNERS Lists to be published and will be sent to publications nationwide!
Current A-liner please send the following info-

However we have pics of you work, so we need only your current line don’y have call for details you know the number

To be included in press listing the following has to be received by March 31st

We are moving to An all inclusive site you will need to be registered to be active please send a reguest to participate to


Designer Name

Label name /low res pic of logo.

Professional contact info

Studio/showroom Address

Zip code for those with at home studios (for our map)

3 pics of your line

You will be sent the registration link for a-liners By March 31st

April marketing package! $250.00

Must reserve Special by March 30th !

Please Pass along to other designers!

Brooklyn Fashion Gallery

Designers April you will have new venue to discuss issues relating to the trade

We Know That The greatest challenge to any micro enterprise or fashion designer is Marketing and we will be negotiating to make this affordable'
Thanks to The L Magazine and Calabar this campaigns ad host, and Atoguna marketing and media , with partners xsstream studios graphics and Colthm photography!

April marketing package! $250.00

Must reserve Special by March 30th !

Ads designed for maximum Impact!

We have negotiated and received special sponsored rates for ads, designs and placement!

Musts sign up by March 30, 2006. call 1-718-249-0939 to reserve your space!

Special includes

Group Full Page Ad

The L Magazine! Distribution 100, 000-

New York (Mid & lower Mahattan, Dumbo, Williams burg, Park slope and Metro Tech, Fulton)

Online the L Magazine 50,000 guaranteed hits (daily hits300,000 plus)

Calabar; a new quarterly Lifestyle Magazine!

Distribution 20,000 Brooklyn Bedstuy, Fulton.

Online distribution 70,000

Pay by March 30th and we will include complementary!

Brooklyn Fashion Marketing package

listing place-photo enabled classified listings

Group Vending opportunity @ CBJC Events

April 22nd 11-4pm Jazz Connection Sugar Hill Restaurant.

April 30th 11-6pm Brooklyn Band Blowout. aFive Jazz Bands Fulton event (tentative)

Brooklyn Fashion marketing support

Link to your site. Or Blog

Complementary designer e-mail or Forwards

Video presentation and photo show!

Supply the clothing we take care of the rest

catalogue listing with up to five Looks


Free independent designer listings.

For April only

Designer e-mail address or forward.

Be Part of The Fashion feed –

One Fashion video hosting!

Send in you press to be featured on A-liners the Independent fashion blog!

New designer show and sellThusrday 20thAmarachi’s lounge Group show

(Fashion 4 Ward introduces Brooklyn’s new designer)

Call about out

Web support links to you website or Brooklyn Fashion Marketplace!

Want to go solo!

Individual Ad spaces $175.00 plus set up are Available Calabar import only!

Brooklyn Fashion Gallery’s will be extended to designers during April

Special package $100.00 subject to scheduled date and time. Package is included in A-liner Add special! Private Photo sessions by March 3oth for details

Learn How To become an Independant Fashion Designer

A-liners 2006
to launch with
New Designers Seminar

THE A-LINERS 2006 Launch

Fashun 4 Ward™ hosts

Designer Bonnie Sandy Sterling

MAKING IT ... in the fashion Field!


Wednesday April 5th, 2006


Amarachi Lounge

325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn NY (between Clifton & Green)


$ 10 with registration* reserve space thru paypal.

$20 without

"We'll take you through the steps in creating a strong successful fashion business from concept to consumer. The presentation will include: Inspiration, line development, branding, manufacturing, pricing, fabric, sourcing, advertising and retailing.

Your questions answered by


Bonnie Sandy Sterling of

The A-liners

An Independent Designers’ group

An Atoguna Media and Marketing BarTalks series Presentation

coming this weekend

*All registered attendees will receive a raffle ticket and the winner will receive a 1 hour courtesy strategy session with Atoguna Media and Marketing and a chance to showcase their line at Amarachi Lounge.

Early registration here

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A-lines Blog new post look

APRIL 2006 Kicks off our Second season

Come this April 1st this blog will officially take the role it was meant to A-liner the blog on Fashion , designers . wil be launched to add a fully interactive media support and soon we will launch the Brooklyn fashion Market And gallery!

More Designers will Be Joining The process

Yes this means that I will take a personal perspective here! As Ireview the spring lines and offering! Feel free to comment. and remember to visit the new home of the a-liners and other creative enterprise efforts