Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plitzs FAll 2006 Fashion Week Designer Shows

Let;s Back it up BabY!

I'll be the first to admit this article is way overdue and I apologise to Zoii and the guy's @ Plitzs at the same time I'd like to thank the folks @ NACC And Caribbean American weekly for giving them some well deserved press.

Fashion Week is the premiere business showcase in this industry and we do need a venue that allows us an opportunity to showcase our fashion. the Staff at Plitzs has taken on That mammoth cause and I hope you would give your support also. Since I missed most of the shows, and worked on William Fleets TBA Line, I'm reserving comment on the lines, lest my bias show!

The Shows organization was great. This team without a doubt is well versed in fashion runway prentation. They attracted press and given the competition the attendance was great. Check the site for their professional video of fall 2006 fashion week designer shows or take a peak at my amateur footage!

There were two things I'd recommend changing. The Venue the owner of that venue has some serious issues which he translates to visitors to the point of intrusion. The lighting was terrible, details on the clothing were hard to see! Then again that may have been due to the fact that the clothing were not designed for presentation, details were not emphasized and clear design directions were not apparent.

Folks we have to take ourselves seriously to be taken seriously. Stylist DAVI pulled together one of the best staging @ the shows I attended. Which leads to the recommeddation That designers start seeking the services of gifted stylists to maximize their show impact!

Second this IS A BUSINESS PRESENTATION! There were some Sorority sisters @ this event who forgot or did not know that! One of the problems resulting from our college circuit scenario. THEY would not have put down that behaviour @ one of their business presentations. Designers we need to respect ouselves before we demand respect! Many of us are 'pimping' our talents. Some designers even ran out on the guest. Take yourself seriously ! Take the efforts of Plitzs and other such group seriously. Take the press seriously!Take your audience seriously! Take your customers seriously!

There is so much more to a Fashion Week than just the runway. Plitzs has bravely stepped where few would venture. There is a lot to work out, but I for one applaud their efforts. I would recommend those who intend to participate in the September shows contact Plitz and start preparation early!
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Bottom A TBA silhouette given the BSs Treatment
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