Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Startup 2012 Online Video will explode and so will opportunity in the space!


As of January My focus is taking local talent  global and bringing Global talent local! 2012 I start the  professional aspect of what Ido  turning  my  exploration into product services and merchandise!and  Yes I'm cutting  down on the freebies!

If you need my help  Sunday January  1sy  is a Great time to explore what ioffer as an Option without the commitment... there will be others who understand and know tech to help at these Jellies so I recommend attending!  A jelly is a sort of casual cowrking with a Coffee house vibe..

So Bring your laptops .. YOU are Here toi work!

I have been focused on bringing more wome, blacks and the " ethnic minority" into technology since 2005/6! I love video...

In 2012  Online Video will explode and so will opportunity in the space! but it means training, development and exploration! So I'm glad to see other efforts emerging! 

At #NewMeCommunityNYC on Dec 15th it was a pleasure standing nect to  so many  Entrepreneurs dedicated To Startup in Tech Space.. I am not much into the Social Media scene... so many in attendence were new to me...  I knew two-three individuals as part of the Barcamp Scene and a couple from Podcamp and the emerging online video space!  Few attend hack... until recently I did not!

There was one hard core back end developer in the room (that I  recognized)   but unfortunately  Dawn (Yes a Black  female techie) who  teaches at York College kept silent! 

As I listened  I was just glad they were there, seven years... is a long time to wait to see this growth! The fact is though they have beenin existence...  it's connecting to each other  that is difficult!

But I cannot help thinking...

WHAT YOU  DO NOT Know will impede your progress!

Startup is not  just about Venture Capital  funding!

I'm interested in all forms of online video but particularly Telepresence and its use  by creatives! In the last few weeks so many  people have been calling for info... and they are always surprised at  what they DO NOT KNOW!

We had been planning Black jelly for a while...

I love the Outpost and most days can be found there by those needing tech help!   The lighting and teh volume also needs to be a bit different! Most blacks i meet love teh space but want  a differnt menu and Music.. LOL! 

Sunday  January 1st pick my  brain and that of others  at a "Black Jelly" ... a  Jelly is tech  concept,  casual coworking;-  sort of what the  coffeee house experience is for poets and creatives... It's a Working session so bring  your laptops-  4-9pm  our goal is  to get  you  set up to functional and aware of whare to  find info  and what's currently  going on in  your niche; so you  begin or continue your journey to your own business!

We have Fun while we work

We Recommend you RSVP  for Updates and software notes!  

(FREE WIFI Free entrance food and drinks will be available!) 

All are welcome... check details at

One rule if you can help someone Step up!

 Start The New year Working on  your goals

The Alchemist Lounge 

31 Rockwell Pl

Brooklyn Ny 

This is Business so treat  it as such 

Arrive on time

4-5 presentation  and discusiion

5-5:30 Intos and networking

6 till... open your laptops or old style notebook and create the next  tech sensation!

Yes Entrance is free but be prepared to support the venue


Space has been a problem and we're really glad the Alchemist Lounge wants to explore their space as a meeting  venue for tech  startups during the day... come be part of the movement! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you Identify as a Black Designers- Stand & Be counted- Black History Month Project


I Need to identify  Black  designers... if you know one please pass along  if you are and this is a GLOBAL call Please list yourself! If You are curious as to what we are up to please register at for news on our FEB 2012  Plans--- rember it's a Leap Year!

We also are curating Noir La Modé™’ NY Fashion Week 2012 see below!

the question of "Aesthetic..What is Black' that draws the passion! There are  designers of African ethnicity who cover

  • ·         Skater/Street Wear (Trash and vaudeville)
  • ·         Modern/ Contempory
  • ·         Business Contempory
  • ·         Eco-chic Green- Green/ Sustainable
  • ·         Avant Garde
  • ·         Traditional Ethnic
  • ·         Modern Ethic
  • ·         Bridal/Formal
  • ·         Urban Wear Designers (hip Hop)
  • ·         Lingerie
  • ·         Accessories- Shoes, belt,  scarves, Hosiery
  • ·         Jewelry/artisanal | Fine jewelry-precious metals | Watches
  • ·         The Wearable s   
  •  Wearable Art
  •  Transformers---  Clothing that convert- modern take on  ethnic shapes!
  • Zero waste
  •  Wearable Technolog
  • Wearable Heritage – A HUGE economic aspect-

§  Cultural-

§  Ceremonial

§  “Spiritual ” vestments and other clothing

§  including Wearable medicine (yes I’ve heard & seen  it)

o   §  Pageantry…

They  can be  found in the Designer/boutique, Custom/bespoke, Luxury & Mass Markets! So if you're a designer and interested ilisting  please leave your name and email and link and we'll get back to  you!

designers interested in  Listing



Apply Now for Noir La Modé™’ NY Fashion Week 2012- to benefit the Urban League and Agape Haven! Featuring New York Fashion Week Runway show; Runway Soiree & Charity Auction at the African American Museum:- largest Sample Sale and Charity Pop Up Boutique One full store of Black Designers!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Invitation To The Launch of Simon Duncan's Brooklyn Clothing Lab


Please sign this form for guest list to Simon Duncans  Brooklyn Clothing Lab Launch before Wednesday 7th at 12 midnight
the Event is Free

Want to Model check for contact info