Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Occupy Fashion- Start a fashion Line In Fact Help Me Start a Line That Sell - Right Away


If You want  my help starting a line; and have ideas for immediate sales I'm  challenging you to Occupy Fashion learn  while you earn!  May 1st   First through August 31st!  Interested in Participating for details 

teh first  offline sale is part of teh Internet week ny calendar! 

Occupy Fashion - Fashioning It BKStyle! At Arts & Culture Fest: Internet Week New York

Why  consumers keep asking for great clothing... that fit and are their within budget!

I have freely spoken on how to start  a fashion business- There are countless books and seminars available freely or at great  cost  online and offline! Let me ask you 

So how to deferentiate  your consumer from the customer and what separates one success story  from another... Simple;-.


Has the  person  giving the worksop actually started a line and sold ... In your sector 


Telling  you what  to do and showing you how makes a lot of difference...


Your reading and doing the task  makes a HUGE difference!

In teh end success depends on your ability to execute!

got  questions ASK Me...act-  submit   at

Execute- act- 

so can  you really  make a profit ... in less than  7 days

That's a math and strategy  question

Keep  cost  down while increasing what  you bring in... but  I'll give you 14-21 day... if you Execute as directed

oh that's teh other part... 

it's hard for artist  to take directions... 

what you need to do vs what you  or "I want" 

The  dress in the  Image is my Handkerchief Dress- I tell the story of going from a  2yds of fabric to an "investor' and sales in  3 days... without PR, without advertising (this was before social media- the digital version)!  I've seen this repeated  in the last  few years ... When the designer executes it's a beatiful  feeling: When she does not and disapponts a store owner, looses a supporter it's sa tragedy!  So why  will anyone NOT  sell Through! Seemingly purposely  setting themselves up to fail! 

Selling or rather creating  a product that is easy to sell  takes a number careful consideration and the abiility to make the right choices and execute! It's about .. NAd this is what we show you " how to execute"-

Recognising Who you are designing  for

What are you designing

Communicating your concept

Why would they buy 

Sourcing Fabric- 

Getting your samples made – working out the details- FiT FiT FiT

Organizing production- Grading.. Production  Sample FiT FiT FiT  

You do not have Production house until you’ve fit your sample 

… and negotiated terms.

Costing and pricing for Profit

Getting ready for order Fulfillment;- 

Funding and financing your line…

Getting it sold




Managing Deliveries

Once worked out it's about repetition.... In addition we're bringing in support, we even arranged fro opportunities for you to Sell these items at Arts Culture Fest and have put teh evnt  on  The Internet Week NY Calendar


So  are you  up to the challenge! contact me 

yes you  can participate from anywher ein teh globe if you are willing to improvise...

Info To Participate http//

For latest updates on shopping local designers

InternetweekNY  Occupy Fashion - Fashioning It BKStyle! At Arts & Culture Fest: Internet Week New York

ARTS & CULTURE FEST  builds artisan and entrepreneur business capacity and affects Brooklyn’s economic growth.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How does the Fashion.NYC.2020 Report affect Brooklyn and Black designers


How does the Fashion.NYC.2020 Report affect Brooklyn and Black designers... the fact is few know the initiative or program exist or Is it that many simply do not believe it  is meant for them? It's a timely question given the fact that i've agreed to support a documentary that  explores the economics of "Black is beautiful!"

view online at

So what  your responsibility?

 The economics of local independent designers across the globe anf by extension Black and  Brooklyn fashion designers is at the center of my  mission...I am reading the 27 page report(downlodad here) and cannot help wonder what  others think! . i


Summer Fashion it Bkstyle1 at Black is beautiful  documentary

Register | Login for exclusive Media or to  keep up to date with our news and events  join our mailing list


The  fashion 2020 initiative is made  up of six components!

Fashion Campus NYC: Programming to expose summer interns to the

breadth of exciting career opportunities available on the business side of

the industry

• Fashion Draft NYC: A talent recruitment initiative in which select top

college seniors get a behind-the-scenes look at the industry and interview

with some of the City’s fashion firms for full-time, management-track


• NYC Fashion Fellows: A recognition program offering mentoring,

networking and educational opportunities to “rising stars” in fashion


Develop the next generation of

management and merchant leaders

Sustain NYC’s role as

the world’s center of

fashion media, marketing

and retailing

Support key


Become a hub of innovation for

specialty and multi-channel retail


Build new


Continue to be the HQ

hub of the wholesale

trade and department


Accelerate growth of the

world’s top design talent

and fashion



• Design Entrepreneurs NYC: An entrepreneurial “boot camp” to equip

emerging designers with the tools necessary to launch and manage a

fashion business

• Project Pop-up: An annual competition to foster innovation in retail by

promoting compelling, cutting-edge fashion retail concepts

• NYC Fashion Production Fund: A fund providing emerging designers

loans for production financing as well as mentoring services and access to

local production resources




The Fashion.NYC.2020 report covers the following areas of interest:

  • Current status and major trends impacting the NYC Fashion Industry
    • Spend polarization
    • Growth in emerging markets
    • Rise of contemporary brands
    • Growth of vertical brand strategies
    • Consumer Centricity
    • Sustainability
  • New York City’s Fashion Ecosystem
    • Fashion Week
    • Design
    • Manufacturing
    • Wholesale
    • Retail
    • Media and marketing


  • NYCEDC’s recommendations and details on initiatives developed to help sustain NYC’s top industry position
    • Fashion Campus NYC
    • Fashion Draft NYC
    • NYC Fashion Fellows
    • Design Entrepreneurs NYC
    • Project Pop-up
    • NYC Fashion Production Fund


NYCEDC’s Fashion.NYC.2020 is a strategic study designed to examine the state of New York City fashion and the challenges facing the industry over the coming decade.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Arts and Culture Fest Opens this Saturday 21st April at 10am: join them and shop with artisans

Arts and Culture Fest, a production of The Creative Side, will launch this Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 10am as a one-of-kind artisan market for artists and designers to sell their handmade goods to the Flatbush community.  It is an innovative project supported by Community Board 9, fiscally sponsored by the Brooklyn Arts Council, sponsored by State Senator Eric Adams and The Fest is located at Parkside Plazaan outdoor plaza in front of the Parkside Avenue Train Station (B and Q Trains) in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The market will operate on Saturdays from April 21st until October 20th, 2012. It was originally presented to Brooklyn’s Community Board 9 in June 2011. For Pearl Miles, district manager of Community Board 9, “Arts and Culture Fest is a wonderful addition to Flatbush. It will re-energize an empty plaza in our community.”

Arts and Culture Fest
produced by
The Creative Side

Monday, April 16, 2012

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes: Eyes, Ears, Body, Mind and Soul- The ECONOMICS of “Black Beauty


Black Is Beautiful leaves a wide scope of interest and interpretations! However a movie on "Black is Beautiful" should feature Beauty, Fashion Hair Accessories and other products by Black Designers & Entrepreneurs – or at the least specifically designed for the black consumer!

At least so I thought and expressed this to the producers of Black is Beautiful the  Documentary! Amazingly they shared a similar perspective on the ECONOMICS of “Black Beaty”.  In short we’ve designed and a great  negotiated Product Placement Opportunity for the movie out August!

We’re partnering  with other leaders in the industry to bring  Relevant information and on May 19th  you can sample this at The Black Is Beautiful  Expo and Spa Day in Brooklyn

Fashioning It BKStyle!™;-  we present  a Spring  summer S2012 Makeover of some of the Cast and selected models. Using the best Beauty, Fashions & Accessories from Local (hey we’ll accept from across the globe) in a  fashion  and hair show during the May 19th  Expo and Spa Day!

We're looking to dress the cast; feature summer 2012 fashions ( and later F/W 2012 and  support them with the  ultimate how to  on fashion, hair, beauty, and style from professionals!

What we need
 DESIGNER and entrepreneurs who produce Beauty, Fashion & Accessories:- all categories,

  • Ladies, Plus, Petite Men’s and Children’s
  • Foundation garments, Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry , Nails art etc hair accesories
  • Bridal, Pregnancy, Day Office, After 5, Traditional & Modern Ethnic , Special occasion, Textile designers - Wraps body, Head wraps! Swim, Denim, Yoga Lingerie, Fitness, Glasses, Children’s Wear!  If you have a Product,

Please fill out the form as it will help us clarify your product and you will be documented for future calls! Call for Local and Global Designers for BKStyle Events

Details on Hair Makeup and accessories will come soon …

Other features

The Big Chop – Considering Going Natural will present the Big Chop!

Vendor & Sponsor info for  Black Is Beautiful Expo and Spa day May


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dress Shop A How to Start Fashion Tech Guide for Designers!

I need your votes to #makethestage @internetweek New York This presentation is to the design professional or amateur entering the startup field... From  concept to consumer support how is technology affecting the independent design sector... yes not ALL fashion professionals have thesame tools and processes!

The full tirle should be-

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dress Shop A Guide on How to StartUp an run an independent Fashion company using Tech for Designers!

some things just can't be done  effectively in 100 charaters!


It is possible for an independent design business to earn six figures in it's first  year... with  one full time and one part time employee! It is possible for anemerging  independent  designer to earn $24000 three hrs a day of work... online!  Somehow many believe that figure is $16000 for a full time indeie pendent  designer! 

Things do not always look the same or work the same- it depends on your vantage point! The fact is despite the hype and dollars... I'm not sure the at  consumer needs are being met ... in that they are gettng great fitting, well made clothing  from their online purchases especially in the indie design market! At the end ofhe h day we sell clothing that is meant to find it's way from  racks and ware houses into  consumers closets and onto their backs... so why has teh "discount" model prevailed!

I diid not glean this info from facebook or wikipedia... I'm a fashion designer with a passion for technology  and have been exploring this topic since 2003/4. Here is the submission text!

I‘m a 3rd generation modiste; custom designer, FIT trained, and apprenticed under designers around the globe! I lead a local tour de force, that is global, and the best kept secret in the fashion industry! We complain about “Facebook”, yet we’re addicted to updating our pages, liking, sharing, and tweeting our lives away. But how can we use this energy to drive business? We have conversations on production value, encoding, film vs. video sets; ROI, Klout, influence; streaming;-realtime, asynchronous and/or simultaneous and take it SoMoLo, shoppable and connected! We take orders on mobile phones, Skype with clients across oceans; sell from LA to Lagos and source from Vegas to Hong Kong.. This may not be your mama’s dress shop… so what do we need to take indie designers global!

If You want to hear me speak and share more then Vote at #makethestage @internetweek.look for " This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dress Shop A How to Fashion Tech Guide for Designers!" Register and press that thumbs up button EVEN IF WE ARE AT THE TOP! every vote counts and we want to share our knowledge!

I share what I know on Fashion & Technology with passion. I'm Best when I speak on the topic!

In the mean time click though and read on shoppable- interactive media and how to DIY...

to #startup & Sell #Fashion #tech @badassebsin the meantime please tweet
Vote @ #makethestage @internetweek. This Ain’t Your Mama’s DressShop- How to #startup & Sell #Fashion #tech @badassebs


Shoppable or interactive media - how can an idependent designer use it | @internetweek #makethestage vote today


just posted some notes on shoppable media- If You want to here me speak and share more then Vote at #makethestage @internetweek.look for " This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dress Shop A How to Fashion Tech Guide for Designers!" Register and press that thumbs up button EVEN IF WE ARE AT THE TOP! every vote counts and we want to share our knowledge!

I share what I know on Fashion & Technology with passion. I'm Best when I speak on the topic!

In the mean time click though and read on shoppable- interactive media and how to DIY...

to #startup & Sell #Fashion #tech @badassebsin the meantime please tweet
Vote @ #makethestage @internetweek. This Ain’t Your Mama’s DressShop- How to #startup & Sell #Fashion #tech @badassebs