Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dress Shop A How to Start Fashion Tech Guide for Designers!

I need your votes to #makethestage @internetweek New York This presentation is to the design professional or amateur entering the startup field... From  concept to consumer support how is technology affecting the independent design sector... yes not ALL fashion professionals have thesame tools and processes!

The full tirle should be-

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dress Shop A Guide on How to StartUp an run an independent Fashion company using Tech for Designers!

some things just can't be done  effectively in 100 charaters!


It is possible for an independent design business to earn six figures in it's first  year... with  one full time and one part time employee! It is possible for anemerging  independent  designer to earn $24000 three hrs a day of work... online!  Somehow many believe that figure is $16000 for a full time indeie pendent  designer! 

Things do not always look the same or work the same- it depends on your vantage point! The fact is despite the hype and dollars... I'm not sure the at  consumer needs are being met ... in that they are gettng great fitting, well made clothing  from their online purchases especially in the indie design market! At the end ofhe h day we sell clothing that is meant to find it's way from  racks and ware houses into  consumers closets and onto their backs... so why has teh "discount" model prevailed!

I diid not glean this info from facebook or wikipedia... I'm a fashion designer with a passion for technology  and have been exploring this topic since 2003/4. Here is the submission text!

I‘m a 3rd generation modiste; custom designer, FIT trained, and apprenticed under designers around the globe! I lead a local tour de force, that is global, and the best kept secret in the fashion industry! We complain about “Facebook”, yet we’re addicted to updating our pages, liking, sharing, and tweeting our lives away. But how can we use this energy to drive business? We have conversations on production value, encoding, film vs. video sets; ROI, Klout, influence; streaming;-realtime, asynchronous and/or simultaneous and take it SoMoLo, shoppable and connected! We take orders on mobile phones, Skype with clients across oceans; sell from LA to Lagos and source from Vegas to Hong Kong.. This may not be your mama’s dress shop… so what do we need to take indie designers global!

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I share what I know on Fashion & Technology with passion. I'm Best when I speak on the topic!

In the mean time click though and read on shoppable- interactive media and how to DIY...

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