Monday, April 16, 2012

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes: Eyes, Ears, Body, Mind and Soul- The ECONOMICS of “Black Beauty


Black Is Beautiful leaves a wide scope of interest and interpretations! However a movie on "Black is Beautiful" should feature Beauty, Fashion Hair Accessories and other products by Black Designers & Entrepreneurs – or at the least specifically designed for the black consumer!

At least so I thought and expressed this to the producers of Black is Beautiful the  Documentary! Amazingly they shared a similar perspective on the ECONOMICS of “Black Beaty”.  In short we’ve designed and a great  negotiated Product Placement Opportunity for the movie out August!

We’re partnering  with other leaders in the industry to bring  Relevant information and on May 19th  you can sample this at The Black Is Beautiful  Expo and Spa Day in Brooklyn

Fashioning It BKStyle!™;-  we present  a Spring  summer S2012 Makeover of some of the Cast and selected models. Using the best Beauty, Fashions & Accessories from Local (hey we’ll accept from across the globe) in a  fashion  and hair show during the May 19th  Expo and Spa Day!

We're looking to dress the cast; feature summer 2012 fashions ( and later F/W 2012 and  support them with the  ultimate how to  on fashion, hair, beauty, and style from professionals!

What we need
 DESIGNER and entrepreneurs who produce Beauty, Fashion & Accessories:- all categories,

  • Ladies, Plus, Petite Men’s and Children’s
  • Foundation garments, Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry , Nails art etc hair accesories
  • Bridal, Pregnancy, Day Office, After 5, Traditional & Modern Ethnic , Special occasion, Textile designers - Wraps body, Head wraps! Swim, Denim, Yoga Lingerie, Fitness, Glasses, Children’s Wear!  If you have a Product,

Please fill out the form as it will help us clarify your product and you will be documented for future calls! Call for Local and Global Designers for BKStyle Events

Details on Hair Makeup and accessories will come soon …

Other features

The Big Chop – Considering Going Natural will present the Big Chop!

Vendor & Sponsor info for  Black Is Beautiful Expo and Spa day May