Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Day To Cyber Monday access Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival Free


Can small Local designers (and now dancers & other creatives)  use video to present or tell their stories?  We need your input! Please, register,login ,see, share and comment on The first  8 submissions for Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival now live at

The "trailers" are available for all to enjoy but note you will NEED to Register and login to  access the videos!

BROOKLYN FASHION WEEK IS FOCUSED on SOLUTIONS and change... for a sector many have ignored!

Many keep trying to figure out how and what is Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival... the fact is we are openly exploring

  • Presenting formats for a collection of Fashion Films
  • Connecting Marketing and sales of product and sell through from  those films
  • Expansion  and use of developing and emerging video platforms and formats for creatives
  • Development and servicing talent that  this sector would require!
  • Creation of one smoothe platform that simplifies teh process for designers and creatives!
  • How teh relevant Stake holders use and respond (So we need you to register loging, see, share and comment!)

Let me simply state that Not ONE Platform has proven to have a simple easy to navigate "natural" user interface!  hen there is cultural perception s of "TV" or video... every  female for example, "Had to get Her hair done"  before utilizing webcam programs!  Yes I even  found myself with  "he make up" routine!

The work now begins.. we are still waiting on a few submissions... we also are encouraging designers who would like to utilize video to join us... the learning curve is a bit steeper than  we anticipated! 

Read "What is Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival Aboutabout?