Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Video, Technology , Social Opportunities and your Business of Creativity:- Fashion, Music, Dance November 13-20th

Creativity The Next Commodity: - Google just launched 100 channels. While Comcast has committed to at least 11 cable channels and Google, Apple, and Skype has introduced "TV's" ... which translates to a need for content!
Brooklyn Fashion Week Introduces the Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival as a "virtual" space to share a worldwide marketing effort by Independent Fashion Designers, Stylist and beauty professionals!

This year we sent out the challenge to fashion design professionals and others in our creative community… Tell us your story! We invited them to create a 3-15 minute video or “Fashion Film”! The goal is to get them to explore modern technology! To Show, Sell, Share or Teach!
Image:- Designer Louis Narcisee ... and Pharaonic Designs Collaborations of Greatness" www.Pharoanicdesigns.com

Technology removes the Barriers of Geography


Designers Show Share and sell Internationally... From November 13th-20th, they will explore video tools that allow for Sharing showcasing and selling . Web Video enables meetings, showcases, sales, support and services, global access to sourcing, trade and a new consumer base. BKFFF as an online event removes the limitations of location by being virtual and accessible to participants and viewers around the world.

Image:- Designer Esther Joseph participates from her studio in St Lucia... See her creative Talent! Kuumba Designs St Luciar register online to see videos from other Participants! www.BrooklynfashionFilmFestival.com Mike Sylla From Paris ,,, Robert Young From Trinidad!
Below from Columbus Ohio Lauren Luna Shoes) Shoes


How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit:

**Nov 13th-20th - We ask The Creative Community to explore Video & technology during Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival... **

We asked them to do so Online and offline in Open Formats to inspire others! We reached into our Social networks and asked Designers, Dancers, Musicians and other artist and creatives from New York, Ohio, Arizona, Paris, St Lucia, Trinidad, Gambia to start using video in their businesses!

Attend Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival Online (BKFFF)
Virtual Viewing Schedule Register at www.Dancehackit.com

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