Friday, November 18, 2011

November 19th See dancers From Gambia |St.Lucia | New York and Vermont Dance live In real time FREE


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Movement, Music, Fashion and Technology Intersect in Virtual Global Performance


NEW YORK, NY, November 1, 2011—Computer hackers tweak technology to create unexpected results in cyberspace. With DANCEHACKIT™, Tony Award-nominated choreographer Marlies Yearby and fashionista/ tech guru Bonnie Sandy hope to create an extraordinary virtual performance, crafted by tweaking movement, music, fashion and technology on a global scale. 

On November 19, from 2 p.m. until 4:30pm est, dancers from across the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and West Africa will perform to the same musical playlist, at the same time and in their own distinctive styles. Their improvisations will be remixed and streamed in real time on a wide screen to an audience at Long Island University’s Kumble Theater in Brooklyn (Flatbush Ave., between DeKalb Ave. and Willoughby St.) and online at

DANCEHACKIT™ represents a new synergy between arts and technology. “Existing at the intersection of movement, music and technology, DANCEHACKIT™ is designed to remove the limitations of location by being virtual and globally accessible,” explains project Director  and Co Founder Yearby.

DANCEHACKIT™ will launch as part of the Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival (BKFFF). “Dancers will strut not only their movement style but also their fashion statements through collaborations between dancers and fashion designers,” notes Sandy, who serves as Director of Technology.

Dance performers/leaders include Tracy Lang Dance (GA), Baraka de Soleil (IL), Marlies Yearby and Love/Forte, and Janelle Mahone (Gambia). Music by Oliver Lake, Wunmi and Slow Commotion, Vernon Reid, Morley Kamen, Dei Free Range Music, Groove Lily, Chen Lo and others will be featured. Participating designers include Kuumba Designs (St Lucia), Melissa Lockwood of IQTEST (NYC). Full List and updates  at 

DANCEHACKIT™ will end with a panel discussion with organizers and sponsors entitled Creativity,The Next Commodity: How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit? "With Google launching 100 online channels  and Comcast committing to at least eleven new channels, there is a need for innovative content. Artists have an opportunity to fill that void, but they first need to learn and adapt the technology. This is what we are doing here at BKFFF," says Sandy