Saturday, October 22, 2011

Global Opportunity Volunteer and intern opportunity media and content creationand facilitation for digital formats

As we gear into final prep for Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival I cannot help but think  we need to develop  content creators and facilitators in niche creative sectors who  can  work on and with this new technology!
Got  questions on and ! Talk to me  via (one of our sponsors

There are subtle nuances that others miss... which take years to develop and nurture! In the Social Tv movement  many tend to come from a tech or video perspective... but social media is about sharing info we LOVE and are passionate about not just  the latest TVshow... unless you are passionate about current TV  programming!

As I said in TV goes Social In February... at somepointr  we have to address content creation!

When conducting an online interview it's hard to mann the technology!  As media strategist for Streets of New York, I am Looking at our growth  and the truth is I need to train others! As lead project director of 28 squared I see future business opps for creatives  ! Now through-January 1st! in social media and new tech training via video One needs awebcam, internet access Skype  and a willingness to follow directions as well as think outside the box...  I'm looking for young people ... well any individual wishing to learn some of the new technology to facilitate businesses!  Especially with virtually operating video and audio programs for online presentation and trade!

I currently facilitate workshops & seminars- " tv shows" in our projects and with impending social tv growth - I keep thinking this can a great income potential esp  for college students ... note there is a slight learning curve, The field and the technology is new
but when i started so was facebook!

will need support during November 13th-19th and we have tech sponsors who will be helping along

Today I'm Taking questions on , the designers call for the Brooklyn boutique and our Fastrac "business' program for a Black Holiday program!

Please call me  directly  Bonnie sandy
Phone/VM//SMS               646 736 2984       
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