Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marlies Yearby Award Winning Choreographer of "RENT" to lead live streamed Global Improve


One of the final events of our Brooklyn Fashion Week's   removes the limitations of location by being virtual and accessible to viewers around the world  

 ... Now we have Dancers exploring  Video and Social Tv... YES!!

About Dance Hack It

Date November 19th 2011

Mission: serves as a virtual space to share worldwide collaborations of dance, technology and music, improvised and streamed, remixed and replayed. The platform celebrates creativity by allowing access to the dancer's ability to move in their own style to the music provided through DanceHackIt's participating collaborators.  These relationships borne in the moment and interacted on globally will aid to break barriers of color, body type, dance styles, culture and location. After all Dance is a universal language and is everywhere all over the world. inspires creativity around the globe while highlighting dancers work for potential project tie- ins and job/gig possibilities.  Each performer will gain access to the technology for their creative use post the event.   DanceHackIt encourages job creation by providing a page that features the dance artists work complete with contact information for potential collaborators, directors, producers, choreographers and other employers to access them for hire in potential projects and other work down the road.  In that regard DanceHackIt becomes a literal launching place for new projects, new relationships, new collaborations in art and technology.

Founders the choreographer of the hit Broadway musical RENT Marlies Yearby and  fashionista- technology diva Bonnie Sandy use DanceHackIt as the first of many events created for the world wide web to brings people together with technology and educates while inspiring creativity beyond all boundaries of geography and access, globally.

We target locales to inspire LaunchPads as improv places that are streamed in at least 5 (five) hotspots around the globe.  Each Hotspot (state/country or city) can have more than one LaunchPad locale.  Each Pad is fed one source of Music to Jam by.  The music played will be gathered and selected via invitations to composers/ music recording artists/ and indies to submit offerings for the DanceHackIt. We select and play the music during the launch. The selections will either be premixed or played in a select order during the DanceHackIt.  All LaunchPads hear the same music at the same time and for the first ti me.  The LaunchPad begins and parameters to keep the pad alive with movement are prompted by Ms Yearby noted for her ability to encourage improvisers to let go.  

The actual DanceHackIt LaunchPads will be streamed and manipulated by a Vjay who will remix the streamed pads and play the remix back onto a principle screen called The Montague Screen.  This screen is virtual and can be seen on all devices.   We will also encourage some pads to have a  projected area in some live spaces where people could gather to watch and vibe in person as the LaunchPads are streamed and the Vjay mixes their magic.  

The event can also be broadcast, and or accessed on all types of screens.   As such the principle NYC based Launch Pad and other sponsored LaunchPads will augment the PR value of its endeavors to reach a new customer base and be on the forefront of creativity presented by this platform and the technology that helps to shape it.  The PC, Tablet or Notebook, Mobile Smartphone (IPad, IPhone (maybe android) all become screens accessible for this event. 

Again DanceHackIt removes the limitations of location by being virtual and accessible to viewers around the world.  The final event can also be projected onto larger screens, and even shown on the TV (using web to TV browser KyloTV!  At such it will be simulcast, all in real time! This is the scope of present technology!  Why not use it for the Arts!

Educate:  this event is part of and we would like to have some technology panels during the week that speak to creativity and technology leading up to the DanceHackIt event.  as we are doing with teh fashion we also hope to highlight dance teaching artists from each LaunchPad with virtual improvisation tips and warm up tips.  We seek to engage dance from all styles in the LaunchPads of the world.

We're also looking at creativity and Style with some pads collaboration withj desogners and others encouraging  dancers to "express" their own Style!

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