Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can Locl independent Designers From Around the World Create Great Fashion Film that Sell

i'm excited just  saw one of teh first  videos being prepared by teh designers... it's exciting  challenging them  to step  their game up! The fact is though that  most Independent designers  especially in Brooklyn come from a Trained art  background ... So It will be interesting to see how they meet the challenge!

Participate | 2012 Bkstyle!™ Brooklyn Fashion Film FestivalSpeaking to others though, esp  in prepping, it's a bit of a challenge, simply because many are unaware of what is going on or teh technology that  is available! So to start take a look  at  This article from the Business of Fashion 

see Business of Fashion's best Fashion Film for 2011

Take the time to  look at these video... what  do  you think! Can you  stand toe to toe ... what  would you do! 

When I  first proposed using video  to sell our fashions in 2006  one local indie designed scoffed and became indignat..."Video will Never  sell fashion"! Fortunately I  overcame my disappointment and plodded ahead! I know that  peopel watching  even teh video we sytarted with  wanted teh clothing... I also learned early that selling  clothing via video would require paying attention to teh  issues that were currently preventing the local clothing  from  selling...lack of stock! 

Production, Unique fabrication, Proper sizing, distribution fulfillment.. so we took the time, and we're still  continuing  to address issue's!