Saturday, October 15, 2011

Using Video to Support The Business of Independent Fashion- Creativity and Art in General!

Our theme and goal for Participants :- End the Year In The Black Not in The Red! 

We've asking  for use of the  sponsoring technologies and support from Marketing  sponsors from November 1st to January 1st 2012!

Offline Ad- Mag  distribution from will help  put the designers and participants who opt in into  Hair Salons, Barbershops and  Lounges! Onlien  all partycipants will engage in a social marketing  push! 

We're speaking to Local Press, Churche sand community organizations for features and coverage to highlight and support local  creative enterprise! Is running a "Mean Fastrac" to ensure designers and creative have a strategy... sign up by teh end of this week! will have an online collective shop as wella s connect to designers s individual stores! So yes we're helping designers get their product info andimages together

Desigenrs pages and tools to enable meetings with both consumers and trade

Offline Sales Venue with a "Feature and activities" at a New Park Slope Boutique for the Week of November 13th-19th... with some designers continuing through teh season based on  customer response! 

But it's the fact that video removes the limitations of location by being virtual and accessible to viewers around the world... allowing for  not  just show and sale but discussion on both the business of fashion and support for consumer styling and fit! 
  • Stake holders speak on topical issues relating to the business of fashion
  • talks on the Business of Independent Fashion from global independent designers 
  • Global Gossip so what’s hot in your neck of the woods
  •  Chats on styling, fit  color, aesthetics and product  value
  •  Service professionals:-Models, Stylist, Photographers, Film crew, Beauty-make up hair dish about the industry!
We've even created a tool to use during our skype  video conferences with trade or consumers!

Designers now is the time!

Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival     


Facilitating Sponsor Streets of New York 411-      
NY's no1 urban  distributors... Before they Like Tweet,  See, or Shop- you've GOT To REACH them 

Technology Sponsors 
 www.klickable.t , www.dreamface.or , 

  and others that em“Power” us 

Read  about Brooklyn Fashion Festival 

Brooklyn Fashion Week Fashion Film Festival Ss2012 In NY

The Republic of Brooklyn leads an international group of designers harnessing the power of “Social TV & Social Retail” to present, market and sell. Brooklyn Fashion Week has put the call out for designers of fashion, home and accessories products and services in the fashion, beauty and styling industry to submit a video (3-15-minutes) for screening in early November!