Sunday, October 16, 2011

Benefits of Participation-

On the front end  BKFFF removes the limitations of location by making Indie Design virtual and accessible around the Globe! On the Back end we as designers collectively address Component for Showing FASHION; ART; ACCESSORIES; HOME; SPECIALTY product services and merchandise!

Component;- Again the challenge is getting it in front of .   Consumers,  Trade & Press  


    • Fashion Films  Showcase
    •  Panel discussions and experts Talks on and the Business of Fashion the arts Live Panelist presentation & discussion in various service specialties, textile, knitwear, fit, styling
    •  Q&A Montages… of  Fashion, Business and Styling
    •   Live (offline) events 

Components for Sale

    • Retail Venue in Brooklyn  NYC
    • Video sales support- Each designer will be available to trade  video sales  November 13- January 1
    • MOBILE Accessible Online Collective store (with links to individual designer store November 13-January 1st 
    • Social commerce components-Social Layers- Like, tweet. Buyospere

Digital Extending offline online  Dance your style serves as a virtual space to share worldwide collaborations of dance, technology and music, improvised and streamed, remixed and replayed

PR Marketing & Advertising

·         Pr distribution

·         Offline distribution NYC PR  & marketing


Resources & support 

Designers and participants get access to all technology through January 1st!

·        Templates;-  Pitch , Line Sheet Or  Catalogue Sheet, Social media Press release, Business profile

·         Data product  form

·         Designer Review- Brooklyn fashion 

·         Pricing positioning & discussions 

·         Designing Video & Images that sell 

·         Video resources  List & How to guide

·         Music 7 lighting tips & resources 

·         How to conduct a tele-presence  conference

·         Product Shots template

·         Designer page with credits and sponor links 

·         Sponsorship letter