Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brooklyn Fashion Week Invites you to Show The Stories of Your Style

... And End the year In The Black

we also invite you to add your product to a special edition of  Independent Design Talent from across the Globe exploring video to sell  

On the front end  Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival  removes the limitations of location by making Indie Design virtual and accessible around the Globe! with a special  showing at a Boutique in Brooklyn NY! 


November 13th-19th 2011

and available through January 1st 

Sign up at for details 

BKFFF is a new platform that leverages technology;- Social TV and Social Retail to offer 'real time' Live, Simulcast or on demand films/videos to consumers and trade , who can shop or sell, indie fashion home and accessory products and services! Sign up below  to View and Attend!

Join Us  in supporting Independent Style!

On the Back End we as designers collectively address Component for Showing FASHION; ART; ACCESSORIES; HOME; SPECIALTY product services and merchandise! I know my colleagues are experts and master crafts men and women, accessing this technology can help them and will open new doors! 


We end the intro with a fashion celebration of creativity and technology! Some designers will providing  teh clothing  for performers to express their style!

Sign up for serves as a virtual space to share worldwide collaborations of dance, technology and music, improvised and streamed, remixed and replayed. The platform celebrates creativity by allowing access to the dancer's ability to move in their own style to the music provided through DanceHackIt's participating collaborators. These relationships borne in the moment and interacted on globally will aid to break barriers of color, body type, dance styles, culture and location. After all Dance is a universal language and is everywhere all over the world. inspires creativity around the globe while highlighting dancers work for potential project tie- ins and job/gig possibilities.





We're Bring The Global Style To a Screen Near You November 10-17th 2011

Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival    


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