Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Team Won @ NYC #FashionHack Day @Giltgroupe hosted b @gilttech - thanks gus

I'm Proud of this and teh team! I usually attend hacks to learn about the API's but this was fashion, and having spent the last 7 years observing studying and testing Fashion Tech out there I was looking forward to this... and yes it was at Gilt Groupe headquaters... so who could resist! 


I'll share  what I posted on m
y Timline! 


Our winning team from NYC Fashion Hack Day at Gilt NYC offices! We started at 11am and had till 7pm to come up with a concept, hack/design software and present a pitch... not bad for a group that met at the event! We walked away with top prize from Apigee for StyleLust a new platform to help stylist scout and pull to unique items from designers, vintage purveyors & brands! Stlelust  also leverages teh  networks of STlist with a unique revenue sharing mode  thus it does bit more than  'h
elp the fashion industry work: sourcing materials for photo shoots" with geo-tagging ad social commerce!

stylelust.fashionhack at gmail [dot] com for more info

It's the 4th hack I've attended and the second time I've been in a submitting team and the second time that team  won! L- right Jey, Trish, Ms Kate, Bonnie, Kwasi and Kevin! From m end  It helped that I had discussed this problem with  some Brookln Dtlist... the gu
ys are in Fashion  Branding ad Marketing and Trish  was a former stylist! Kate and kevin were the best tech teamy ou could ask for and Ms Kate LOVES fashion, making sure we had a consumer facing aspect! 

What worked was that everyone understood the task at hand.. trust me this is a platform that will disrupt the sector...  This was truly enjoyable... and oh the power of sharing!
 — at Gilt Group.


via http://tech.gilt.com/tagged/fashionhack

Two other winners... The Continuum fashion team  presented a concept for digial printing similar to the canvazz I''ve been  working on... But I knew I  recognised the name and sure enough they are the team  behind DDress which I scooped a while back

next to them  a team using the Gilt Api to  easily  find specific extreme sizes... large or petite in a Gilt offering... 

and next to them the team that  integrates FB  Reviews and Gilt APi... to  get  a crowd input!  

Hopefull they will publish a list of winners soon with links so i can really enjoy