Friday, December 09, 2005

The shirt that goes the distance

Takiyah Jerome's Gold Poly Silk Skirt is the best style option for the holiday, or gift giving. Elasticized waist, sensual fluid movement, sized to fit most, complements most figure types, Great Styling Options. This skirt doubles as a holiday dress.

Thee focud of this week fashion segment in Brooklyn Free Press- excerp from article!
It is her second show in two day, it is not her first for the season nor will it be the last for the year. The House of Brown introduces Takiyah Jerome, announced "Poetica" as she led the sista's onto the boutique turned showroom, floor. On Friday she as part of the line up 2 the inaugural First Friday showcase at Five Spot's. This summer she was on the Urban Fashion Festival. In April she participated In The A-liners "Jazz of Fashion" segment of the Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival. Brooklyn Style is evolving and Takiyah Jerome epitomizes that change. Recently awarded the Maria Padilla award for a successful start up business, from the LDCENY- Local Business development of East New York Takiyah Jerome's trendsetting contemporary line of women's clothes, are innovative, sexy, upbeat and most of all comfortable. The clothing themselves are extremely well constructed. Takiyah desighs for both "regular" anfd "plus sizes" her styling howevr defies definition, Not quite urban, Though It Fits there comfortably; not quite Couture while well made, her price points are affordable. She also proces one of a kind pieces and limited edition accessories. Her goal is to expand her line to boutiques throughout the country and eventually have her stand alone stores. She is well on her way! Takiyah Jerometrendsetting contemporary line of women's clothes, that are innovative, sexy%