Friday, December 09, 2005

Second generation- legacy project

Actally this next phase was inspired by other A-liners, who wanted the optimize the natural affinity of their kids for this new technology, and their creativity! He did all that was involved, Actually ghe came to me and asked for permission to do this after I guided him. he is currently working on his marketing( "cards to tell the other kids where to send there parents")

'To Be Fly is more than “Dressing Good”! Fly-Boyz 2™- for ladies, while Fly-Boyz™ for the guys; stay on top of their game. They do their best; always one step above the ordinary, good grades Respectful, Independent- not a follower, Determined, complete task see things through, Confident. The artwork, label and concept designed by Yohane Sandy will be printed on Tops, Jeans, hats, T-shirt and related apparel, posters, drink-ware, gift wraps and other merchandise."

So to the adults lets get it together, it is so simple even a child can do it1
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