Sunday, December 04, 2005

Join the A-liners

Brooklyn Fashion Segment!
Since last April, the A-liners has expended to a total of sixty odd lines, designers and collectives. A-liners focuses on designers, their lines and boutiques that carry them, and the people who enjoy them aw well as Independent trends, shows and showcases. Membership is free and open to all existing independent designers. However we are centered i the Brooklyn, New York Community!
Our 2006 calendar is expanding. we are particularly seeking; To develop the African american Designer story , stories on Dressmakers and seamstresses who were designers 1950's, Caribbean American Designers, Urdan Fashion designer, and MAen's wear Lines!
Next year holds a lot Of promise. I have developed a fashion segment for Brooklyn Free Press.
A-liners"' however use new medi to give us an edge which means ALL A-LINERS, need to understand how to take get their latest news, to the consumer, who is Searching for it! Join now, Fill out this form we offer solutions that work!