Tuesday, May 22, 2012

StyleSaint replacing Mom's "FashionBooks" but not The Custom Service


I like this yet I have to admit I'm a little disappointed- In my mom's dress shop they were called "fashion Books' and women would carefully organize their tear sheets By  color, occassion, cut... and these were guarded Items were used to help define new looks (ok, sometimes even exact  replicas!) 

First up there are other stylebook options currently online... though I'm  not  sure many  allow you to embed them! 

Secondly  as a trend recognition platform... this is brilliant!  Almost every woman I know keeps tear- sheets of clothing she likes! Yet for many this would be a huge improvement in organization! Plus I can see it makes it easier to send your "dressmaker or designer to your Stylesaint book!

Yet again misssed a key problem.... that of "FIT" and availability!

women  tore because they  could not obtain.

Across all sizes ages races! Women collect tear sheets beacause the item is not usually available in their size or pricepoint!  Custom is much more than having a say in what style is chosen.

The style data and trend reports alone should be a great source of income...

Now Lets address my pet  peeve Price point....

To produce at the  prices quoted usually means jobs taken abroad and poor quality in terms of fit. If not  construction! So I'll reserve judgement  till they produce the first  run! 

 The again...

The question  no one asked what of design infringement... where does "inspiration" end and "copy"  begin.

That said this is definitely one I may  even join!

Hey I  love tear sheets!