Thursday, May 03, 2012

An Honest review of an @Etsy artist- Quality Cost Profit for #occupy #fashion @InternetweekNY- Making IT-




Designer:- an Independent  Brooklyn Designer's Etsy Store, I  have invited her to join the occupy Brooklyn program and be at our may 19th evnt @ ArtsCultureFest

I like the design concept ut It needs work! to improve the final product concept, cut cost and add value! An Item like this can sell and be an added value to a customers wardrobe! 

Design &  Styling options not fully explored- From experience this particular  style 9two layer gathered skirt) can be worn as a dress and skirt, but also the two layers gives added styling  optings

Merchandising- adding an optional scarf woul add "value and styling  option" and allow for "upsale" 

·         Construction – Unfortunately  This is poorly executed!  Check seams and drape of garment!

o   Cut – Not  consisten,  sure done on proper grain

o   Sewing Poor:-

Sales collateral…

·         Images- Average- details not clear

·         Designers should Press items Before shooting images


·         Length two lengths offered but not stated

·         Size 6-12 - items should have width info

·         Fabrication made of  Cotton Llinen  and Satin (type not stated)  From (not sure where fabric is local or imported - a LEGAL requirement on delivery)

·         Care instructions- ?

Color swatches stated but not shown



Her price for the short version $49.00

Her price for the Long version $38.00 - I'm stll trying to figure that one!



Short version

Long Version





                                        $ 5



1 & 1/2yrd at $5.00 = $7.50

       3+1/2yds @$5=   $17.50


1yd @ $4.00               =$4.00

    1 + 3/4 @$4=          $6.00


1 & ½ Hrs @ $15.00=$22.50

       1&1/2 hrs @15     $22.50

Production cost




Profit direct to consumer (forgoing wholesale)multiply production by 2, (note this leaves no Wholesale option but again the Etsy Platform is direct to consumer.  

Suggested retail- Short $82.00 Her price for the short version $49.00

Suggested - Long $106.00 Her price for the Long version $38.00


Note I've not added marketing and shipping (which she offered free). 

Now even if she got the fabric on sale at $1.00  a yard, what happens when she goes to purchase to  fill an order and the sale is done! She has not paid herself if she were to need to hire a staff …  production in limited numbers can severely cut her cost! Buying fabric in larger amounts controls that cost!

Most  independent  designers do not  do either!

Now would you pay $82 or $106 for the quality shown…


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