Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revisting Email as a means of effective delivery- Please Sign up or Manage Your Secret Aliases and Superhero Identities!


First Up thanks for teh responses- communication is a two way street!

We are part of a collaborative Audience Development Program- so that  you only recieve one email on the topics you're interested in.  You are one person with a variety of interest! We understand that when complemented with teh streets Distributon  from  it's effective - It's leaner , greener email delivery and it  works!

But we still have  a lot  to  do ...

We need your input  in making the  list  more effective

First the why:- We alll often speak about community building and supporting  businesses. However getting  the information to the potential consumer- you is just one way to ensure we keep local businesses alive. segmenting the list helps us identify  what  you are interested in.

Email still is the most effective means of getting  the message to the consumer,  and after a year overhauling our email  list  we're proud to say we have a relatively  clean list that is showing some great numbers.

That is save for your secret aliases and superhero Identities!

Let me explain  - last year we painstakingly removed any double occurrences of emails! We deleted unsubscribes and  request  for removal!  so now we have almost zero unsubscribes  and  reports of spam on a 11000 plus list!

We added double opt in

and now we're segmenting our list.

the goal send you only the types of info  you want!


We are a Collaborative Audience Development platform  in that we manage the list  for several  companies! So that you do not get more than  one of the same  email!

  • Use one valid email 
  • Simply uncheck the types of emails you  do not want! 
  • You will need to  confirm your subscription
  • Use the  unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails to opt out !
  • finally please share.

... Bonnie Sandy 

        media strategist

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