Thursday, August 09, 2012

The children of Creative will Create ... These are teh Future of Brooklyn Fashion!

Meet  "AlaKala"  two brooklyn kids decided to play  at being  designers, They made their outfis, did a photo shoot and sent  to Press... In This case Auntie "Bonnie"! Exactly  what  many of the adult  counterparts are doing! but look  closely.. they  took their time to execut and make sure teh Garments fit! Yes it is PAPER... 

More accurately  a Paper  "line" by my  nieces, They  designed them, cut and shaped and put together  using mom's tape and every  magazine and coupon  in their house! LOL Look  at teh Pose and teh shots... You know wht their favorite show is  "America's next top model!

This weekend I  was really Tired But these images from their mom  remimded me why  i  did this!  and lead me use the image  for an article  I'm  Writing.. ... "Is Today's Independent  designer, Playing  Dress Up or are they building a fashion  industry! 

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