Friday, August 24, 2012

Calling all Independent Fashion designers, Hair and Beauty Experts , Free just submit by August 31st @FNO

I want to  list all  Independent  
 Fashion  designers,   Hair and beauty  experts (home/interior designers also)  from the Diaspora. Yes it's FREE Just Submit By August 31st .. 
 Once I verifu info  I'l share it with  my list to celebrate FNO (to get on that list

Please submit 


    • Names
    • Types of clothing
    • Brand
    • Website
    • email
    • Google Plus
    • Phone
    • Country of Operation
    • Country of Origin
    • image/s URl

  • I'm also  looking for Blacks building Startups in the Fashion Tech Space for an article on "Black Dress-50 years of Black is Beautiful!- Where are we headed!"
  • Submit  at


50 designers of note  designers claim  your lines... submit your updated info in comment !