Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Even In Fashion Tech It's about providing Wardrobe Acqusition Services!

It's Black History Month and #NYFW will start soon, if you're a Black Designer please add sign up  to  be listed in Black Dress 2012 ... it's an intensive look at Global Black  fashion!

The fact is I seriously believe the  Fashion Sector needs a dose of reality! What happened to well made clothing women can actually buy and add to their wardrobe! Why all the Gimmicks in images! 

We're preparing for a busy month and I'm currently working on Black dress 2012 which ask teh question- How do you define Black Dress? Black Dress | Dress Black - What imagery does either phrase conjure up! Black Dress 2012 is a study  In association with Journalist Fabian Burrell

There are the subtle nuances that states, you “dress Black,” or are they the nuances in imagery that “prevents” inclusion and often have magazines looking like a “copy”! Then again there is  formal wear or is it the ethnicity of the designer!...Bonnie Sandy

We're opening up the  dialogue on Black Dress as well as the opportunity to  submit  for listing  listing on   2012 !

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for me Black dress meant Formal Attire... My  aetehic is "Caribbean'  my  fit  is "easy' and my preference is teh real Body... My  customers run teh gamut and body shape more than "ethnicity" drives my design!

It took me a while to claim my Croquis! 

Even though I knew that  they were more representative
Those are my croquis, The figures i sket on, colored to celebrate Black History Month! I hve them unclothed in my  FB  timeline But  decided  to  simply "put some clothes on them"  for "decency sake" LOL

but that Knawing feeng that something was not rignt has been  at teh back of my mind! I am a designer my role is NOT selling "image" but rather facilitating Wardrobe Acquisition! I Specialize in dressing and fitting women with real Bodies! I know Very few women who are ten heads tall and a size 4! Contrary to popular belief 12" heals (ok that's an exaggeration) but heels elevate you off the ground... you 're still a size 12, 5'6' women just a Size 12, 5" 6" women perched 12 imches
off the ground!

In Design School

I "Ignored" Illustration classes I hated them!

I could not identify with the Fashion fantasy Model! Contrary to what many believe it's not easier to design for a ten head figure! We were trained to perceive that figure as "correct" and desirable then sent to dress "real" Women!

I ended a seven year project in December and I  am making a massive transition as I prepare for the next phase, I will be revamping all past sites and profiles... reconnecting and cleaning my mailing list and social networks! I am also centering Those projects around  core values; authentic creative voice! A huge challenge in a society that requires silence! We're too cute and sophisticated to be honest... with ourselves or with others!

So I start a new phase paying Homage to women and their truth like it or leave it! I Love my curves even yes even ones I draw and dress!

interested in Croquis then check