Thursday, February 23, 2012

During #BlackHistory Month | #NYFW | #SMWNY - Black Dress 2012 looked at Ashaka Givens


Image- screen shot of website from  Fashion Designers and Label,  Ashaka Givens... Please check BD2012.BKFFF.COM  for dedicated pages, as it relates to  Black Dress 2012 research and  for links to web sites! I'll Be adding others as the night month goes on!


This is a Lot of work but  by the end I hope to have a comprehensive list of deigners and to  be better acquainted with  what makes them  unique! 

Designers Click to This  LINK to submit or enter info  

If You want to follw Black dress and get info and links register nad login at!

I am creating a list of designers under various key  maketin Labels... Black dress looks at Designers of Afican heritage as well as those wth an "African" Aesthetic and Evn  those who do "Black Dress as in Formal Wear

Raison D’Etre

Black  History Month, New York Fashion Week , Valentine’s day  and Social Media Week New York  - all collided the week  of  February 12-17th 20012 , so for Black Dress 2012 I chose to look at Black  Fashion Designers and their web presence, rather that  read the post mortem on the “lack’ of  a Black presence… they usually  simply count models anyway.  I started with a Google search but had to augment with my social network, since most designers could not be “found”, connecting to and rediscovering my design colleagues.  I took a screen shot of each site  checked their social media presence. Not easy since  there is not a valid list per say that simply points to these designers.


Designers also  do not link to or connect to each other. Many had only  flash websites, not accessible by  mobile. It was a lot of work .

As for individual e-commerce capabilities… check each website. or select however I like  boutique shopping in a cluster one location with access to  all my faves. Add you name to  this VIP list

Next week I will post the galleries  from those whose images I have from my collection on    over the  next few months will be augmented with a review of the designer's and label the deadline April May 2012… designers submit your info here…


WHY… as a design student I searched the shelves of FIT, library and spent a LOT of time in the costume lab… hoping to  find black designers. I am stopped all the time by peoplewho recognize me in Brooklyn and asked for specific colleagues.  My emails same thing. BEFORE They SHOP you they need to FIND you.


Black Dress 2012 is looking at-  the present state of Black Fashion! During February to commemorate Black history Month, NYFW and Social Media Week  New York Y  I  Take to the web  to find Black  fashion and designers…  Deciding how to proceed was difficult I opted to see them as today’s consumers would by “googling” them and visiting their web  presence… if one existed… A screen shot is presented with links to their site…  Over the course of the year I hope  to interview as many as these designers as possible..  Please feel free to contact me and recommend or suggest  at  


Video curation when ready will be hosted here 

Articles on Black  dress at  Http://

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