Saturday, April 01, 2006

Presenting The A-liners

we're getting there

So i finally figured a way to present the A-liners
since attending Bar Camp earlier this year i have totally revised a lot of my web strategy. These guys create the latest web tools for new media! the problem still exist in convincing the community to get on board early. Think... the web is only about ten years old, it is undergoing a major change. NOW IS THE TIME TO get on Board. SuprGlu Has Sponsored the fashion Feed And I'm preparing Tutorial with thumbstack's application! Our Map is courtesy Frappr, the pics hosted on Flickr The slide show which i'd previously spend a day coding is courtesy of slide dot com. the individual artist blogs are hosted on blogger. what i need was a content management system and with all respect to the guys @ drupal I had to opt for joomla! For a non techie it is just simpler to understand and work with. Many question using other peoples tools, the natural imperialist and capitalist frame of mind is to own. Creativity is a gift to be shared, and while i believe in responsibility to the artist, for maximizing the value of the work, if no one knows the artist exist they cannot patronize him. Fashion, in fact any creative format is rife with content for these new media tools! The applications designers need the imput of the creative community to strengten the usability of their tools. Case in point Sstream studio, It helps that he is my brother , I have the advantage of communicating exactly what i needed, he sees how someone with little Technical ability handles his products. The result I have tools that work for me. His media product which are being released are functional. The next step getting the creative individual to supply content.
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