Monday, July 02, 2012

We are not simply "changing The Ratio", we are in the business of Change Management"... and the how is as important as the goal!

It takes man
components to create a successful  startup or business!

Yesterday Tibiae Tech prep sent out the first in a series of newsletters to introduce all potential constituents to the tech sector. The goal is to get everyone a general understanding of what is entailed, start the conversation and kick-start potential businesses on the road to designing their concepts!

We understand we are not simply "changing the ratio," we are in the business of "Change Management," and the how is as important as the goal!  We plan to start hosting networking and information sessions in preparation for our September launch.  Sign up for the newsletter, the launch or to be added to the free series.

You will get access to all newsletters!


[Launch Your Startup In 2012]
A little over a year after closing a failing business, generates $300,000 per day and has raised $51.3 million! 
Can you change your story with tech?


About Launch Your Startup In 2012 by Tibiae Tech is a self-guided digital tour based on the tech startup scene!  This program is designed to get experts in creative and various local business sectors to jumpstart their ideas and create businesses! Exposure can be the first step in change


About the Newsletter series 


This newsletter is free to the first 100 who sign up at http://tuberiam.Tibiaetech,com-

Otherwise the $10.00 helps support the Tibiae Tech Initiative.  Please note we run a lean startup process. This series will become the basis of Tibiae Tech - Intro to Silicon program. 

It will be reshaped and edited!

All comments are important! The newsletters are self -guiding but we will also have discussion groups online, as well as in-person workshops and one-on-one sessions!

  • ·         Lesson 1a Let us get started - basic tools, tips & introduction to NY Tech Startup Scene
  • ·         Lesson 1b - Did you click on the links? All of them? Learning to SEE and read between the lines - how to look at a website
  • ·         Silicon Culture and Strategy- the outsider’s perspective!  It’s not what you do but how, that counts - understanding the lay of the land!
  • ·         Lesson 2a - Understand that you are prepping for 2015 or even 2012 - An Intro to Trending;- Trend Spotting, Analysis and  Trend predictions  for “mom and pop”
  • ·         Lesson 2b - you snooze you lose- checking your emails and messages is your responsibility!
  • ·         Lesson 3a - What the HACK - There is an API for that?  How “they” get digital to do what they need.
  • ·         Lesson 3b - Then again you could learn to code….
  • ·         Intro to Tibiae Tech - Designing Change; Changing the Ratio & Independence (July 4th)
  • ·         Lesson 4a - By the way, what do you and all (yes, you have multiple) your constituents need?
  • ·         Lesson 4b - communicating to techies - Front end and back end design and development
  • ·         Lesson 5a - Why should you be given- funding - are you (or your ideas) invest-able?
  • ·         Lesson 5b - prepping for pitching 

·          Lesson 6a - Questions answered - some terms to take note of the Tuberiam & Tibiae    Tech solution!   

  • ·         Lesson 7a - how to thrive as a –normal- in the startup ecosystem!
  • ·         Lesson 7b- Finding CoFounders , Sponsors, Partners

We reserve the right to edit as needs demand! At the end of these sessions you will have the tools to research your idea and be invited to develop them in our specially designed, accelerated incubator program!


Tibiae Tech  Solutions provides technology, funding , mentorship, incubation, marketing and distribution to enable experts in niche local micro sectors who answer the question  “what would you do with technology if you could?” to access and develop technologies, focused on scalable next generation concepts! Tibiae Tech brings the Silicon Culture into local neighborhoods  as a start-up designed specifically to facilitate the adoption, adaptation and creation of new and emerging  technology by and for local entrepreneurs!  Tibiae Tech seeks to help local experts make culturally relevant and successful transitions to the inevitable tech powered "solution" within their niche and thus proactively create effective solutions. Tibiae tech’s mission is focused on shifting  the economic decline  in urban  communities into thriving businesses that can compete in today’s emerging high-growth marketplace. As opposed to the usual one-level approach, Tibiae Tech will employ a multi- pronged strategy utilizing the comprehensive resources to develop, nurture and support a successful small business.

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