Thursday, January 19, 2012

I was removed from @JustOff7thAve an @Meetup by due to my independent fashion "expertise


I get  refused a lot from Fashion Tech and Blogging  groups...   Thereis A lot of BS going on in Social Media!  I  fill out the  profiles and then ... Tha cannot be proved but to be removed for my "Expertise... ".  the truth is Indie fashion is a cash  cow for many and my  blog and "internet  presence questions the  validity of a lot of the BS.

!t's not  race... This is a sister... so am I!

What bothers me is that  this came form Checking my  web presence!

Come to think of it  I have been removed from a lot of fashion groups and list even  though  I don't  speak  up about the incorrect things said... I have been so busy  I have not been able to respond to the recommendation to help one of the BIGGEST names in Fashion Tech and I have not  called a Fashioncamp in a couple years!

The irony of this is that I  am  feverishly  trying to pull together a meeting to commemorate the First  truly Black  fashion event and the 50th Anniversary of "Black is Beautiful" on January 28th 2012

I am an independent designer.. and an indie advocate.. I am about what's real and that is SELLING apparrel... but  I swear in meetup groups I seldom  post or open my  Notoriously  BIG  mouth.. it's NOT the  venue...  I share news and tidbits and ask an occassional question... But lately I have been really  busy!

 The irony of this is that I  am  feverishly  trying to pull together a meeitng to commemorate The First  truly Black  fashion Event and the 50th Anniversary of "Black is Beautiful" on January 28th 2012

I  almost let it pass till I  thought

"wait a second... who decides who is an  independent  designer... and is everyone here an  independent  designer!"

So I  posted to the facebook Group and decided to post  to the  blog... Social Media is not  a personal Soroity  Club!

I use social media to help other designers so It bothers me to see this trend! The top  right red and whit  dresses are my  designs top


my response

I hope you  are an indie designer a well as every current member including yourself  or what you  did is AGAINST the law!  It’s called discrimination
I have endured discrimination  for many reason s in fashion but for  ‘Expertise”

Please explain the reasoning behind this move  and why  you did not  reach out to me discuss whatever concerns! The irony is that an I am an Independent  designer with  a backgroud training and expertise to PROVE IT ! When I tell a designer how to  run a business they make money!  ... I will not  search your profile to see who  you are
or your qualifications and i  certainly  would not remove you from  a social media group because of it! that would be  censorship and definitely  "some type of "ISM"!


Censorship  comes in many  forms, but  respect is universal and quite  Black  & white! Please note  I will also send this to the meetup organizers and  I’ll be Blogging   about this today… The  fashion  social  media Sorority  club has to stop!

I  joined the  original Meetup group members perfectly aware  of their business, I  did not see them as a competitor  there were part of the fashion tech  independent sector I am  passionate about… in social media the sectors work together

I am connected to you  via meetup as the organizer you had my email -   should anyone have any questions It  was a simple matter to contacting meI am an independent designer twice awarded the best  my design serices fallwithin teh custom and as such  private sect clientele...

Yes i am a resource  and  I  have responded in Good faith  to inquiries as to my  support posted on my  meetup profile which I accidentally saw!

I am an advocate for the independent. I  run  workshops with proven  track record of getting independent designers  SELLING

Yes  I am an EXPERT on independent design… but  trust me scissors to scissors and drape for drape I AM   Independent designer!


 I never  posted on my Business or Fashion expertise out  of respect  for the group leaders!

But How Dare you nopt only  Check my Background but decide my  role in Your group without speaking to  me How many other did you  run a background check on! I would think  were your concerns for your meber you would be pleased to have  someone with my background… unfortunately  To many  “expertise” is seen as a threat

.. then you decided to remove me..

did  I violate some rule…

Well every current member including yourself had better be an  indie designer or what you  did is AGAINST the law! It’s called discrimination



I realize that your membership precedes my stepping up as

Organizer of this meetup. In an effort to provide optimal

support to the MeetUp/JustOff7thAve membership I am enforcing

the membership restriction to Independent Designers Only. In

review of your profile I noticed that you have opted not to be

on our mailing list. You don't describe yourself as an

Independent Designer on any internet listing your found on.

Even on the membership profile you posted in this meetup you

describe yourself as a Brooklyn Based Indie Designer who runs a

business of fashion workshop and programs.


In review of your profile and internet presence it appears that

you would more appropriately be considered a resource. I

welcome you to continue to engage our membership in that

capacity. Please feel free to announce your activities on

Facebook group and in other social media. I look forward to

continued mutual support.up  group...


as a member of a  group  I contribute freely ... as a RESOURCE my rate are equal


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