Friday, May 12, 2006

Brooklyn Fashion Gallery launched

Brooklyn's Fashion Designers take controll of their destiny

At the end of this monththe Brooklyn Fashion Gallery, will be launched, the next step in the fashion initiative that evoled from Artist Mosaic into the A-liners project. Whereas Am Explored a forum where, art, culture, heritage, enterprise, creativity and modern opportunity could converge! The A-liners explored a specific industry and grass roots approached to meeting challenges within brooklyn's fashion industry. Even before the start of this, myself and other designers have discussed the need for a unified Trade initiative and a Brooklyn Fashion Week. At the start of the A-liners We set the Spring 2007 couture presentation as the mark for Brooklyn designers to enter the forum of a Brooklyn Fashion Week. After discussion with close to a hundred designers, design and fashion profesionals and several meetings The general concensus is a collaborative trade event that uniquely suits the specific challenges of Brooklyn's design community! Brooklyns designers are doing well, but are at a crucial point where investment dollars, factoring and manufacturing relationship and creative marketing is needed. please visit and sign on. Designers and fashion professional will find more than a meresite, BFG is a community portal designed to augment their individual efforts and to take advantage of new media advancements!


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