Saturday, October 22, 2005

Artist Mosaic and A-liners what next

What do You expect from your web presence:

Google (enter name in searh box) your name, and your label. If you do shows and PR , People here about your designs and lines, But are they finding you. As for your business cards and phone numbers... these get lost! How well do you do?

What the web can do goes way beyond e-commerce or an online press kit! A-liners has received a lot of traffic, I started as a way of documenting this years A-liners. In preparation for A-liners next year( april 2006) is currently being set up as a portal into the latest from the indie design community. Some A-liners have already received the ability to feed their info into that portal. The goal is to have this set up by Octobers end and have designers updating on a regular basis.

Jazzpazazz and Artist Mosaic, are inviting artist and artist community groups an opportunity to explore new media and its use in their creative process projects and marketing! Artist Mosaic sites itself as a forum where, art, culture, heritage, enterprise, creativity and modern opportunity converge. If e-mail marketing, rss feeds, blogging, audio and video podcasting, content management vs. web design, forums and community portals are unfamiliar terms then you need this! Artist Mosaics are seeking PRACTISING artist, crafters, musicians, performers and independent designers to participate in the next phase of its program. They will be exploring the use of new media for and by independent artist and community/artist groups. Program starts Monday October 24th, 10.00 AM @ The newly opened Bedford Public Library 496 Bedford between Fulton and Hancock. Each individual organization/ artist and will be given a free web space and taught the fundamentals of web publishing. Artist Mosaic has received enquiries from venues and organization. Interested parties should contact.


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