Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This Blogging business

I must ask you forgiveness, the blogs have not been posted for since the 12th middle of the month, simply put I was over whelmed, The program was a huge undertaking, granted a novel approach to community involvement, marketing and organization. Especially when much of the info was in some-one elses head, locked draw, desk or computer! That I expected, what I did not is the amount of opportunities and doors that opened up, unexpected meeting, calls, e-mail conversations with persons from Russia, India, Australia, the otherside of town, people I would never have met simply walking down the street, or even through a newspaper add! It is official I am a Blogging addict, and I blog for business, about my colleagues, my interest, My passion, my rants and raves, my sponsors, my cultures... some people chat I blog! I've started audio-blogging, and photo blogging, and wait till I get a grip on videoblogging, auto blogging and podcasting...I'll be a one man, sorry woman, talkshowhost-correspondent-reporter-infomercial-revolutionary-paparrazi-webjay- I mean Jane!

Seriously though this technology is new and even the big Guys seem to be just getting a grasp on it. yes there are females but overwhelmingly it the men. so bear with me I 'll continue researching, wrap this crazy, I mean creative head around it and get back to you as possible!