Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What Is an A-liner

What are A-Liners™? More accurately who are an A Liners™.

The Top Fashion and accessory designer whose boutiques, Shops and studios are accesible via the "A- Train" made famous in that legendary Jazz number!

A liners celebrates the close relationship that exist between the local design industry and the entertainmaent and nightlife

“… in my day, it was all jazz, Sometimes you saw it spelt ‘Jass’, comedy, dance, music, all types were featured in the clubs, even calypso… “Back to back belly to belly” even Gospel. “When the saint’s go marching in”, in New Orleans, the funeral procession was slow, coming back the tempo, and rhythm increased! Thomas A Dorsey, premiere Gospel writer, wrote for Ma Rainey...Every big band had a rhythm section that was black …bass, piano and drums. E.g., the Lionel Hampton Trio. They would do a solo maybe two tunes… and we dressed! We were segregated so we got it from our self; we were not shopping @ Bergdorf Goodman! The choice was the local dressmaker…we sold to our own people we were the local milliner, seamstresses in the neighborhood! It ain’t that long ago. I remember Cabaret cards every one who worked in the nightclub had to have one, the picture looked like a criminal, while they had a card Sinatra did not come here. It wasn’t that long ago but I remember we played but could not stay and socialize downtown. The “after hrs” developed because the party would move up-town, back rooms of clubs, into houses,
We’ve been there, done that we invented the T-shirt and the cap, Now what Are you going To do!

Ms Alma Carroll, Widow of jazz singer Joe Carroll

Jazzpazazz Preservation Society, Co-Founder and Chair CBJC (Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium) Co- founder

Jazz of Fashion

The Jazz Of Fashion™ celebrates the connection between, music, nightlife, and community businesses. Brooklyn’s fashion designers embody the spirit of the seamstresses and tailors of the 30’s and 40’s. The draw of a fashion event is undeniable, in fact at the popular fashion showcase during Harlem Week, about 70% of the designers are from Brooklyn. The cultural movement towards establishing Brooklyn as a cultural tourist destination, makes the support of the Borough’s design industry is crucial! The Jazz of fashion introduces the participants of the jazz and entertainment scene to businesses who can supply their needs, and designers to new markets! Unlike most shows however Jazz of Fashion was specifically designed to introduce and explore the history of a movement whose participants are slowly transitioning. One of the few intergenerational events, the youthful participant meet and interact with notable jazz and community figures!

Organised by AM fashion Flyte in collabotration with Jazzpazz Preservation Society Inc, JOF
has three vital components, Music, Fashion & Youth in Community. Jazz of fashion grew out of my experience showcasing fashion to the music of Brooklyns top Jazz musicians during thel ate 1990's -early2000's! A-liners is designed to bring the curious to the designer's showroom.

Each day, for the month of April, one of BROOKLY'S A-LINERS will host an in house event, special discounts, designer's show and sell. I will also file a daily blog on each designer, their line as well as feature on their latest lines etc!